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Species Shadow
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Fur Color
Home Belleview
Role Main Antagonist
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) TR Logo.png
If you manage to survive, go tell Mari...
I hope to see her soon.


Aldark is the main villain of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, and is Wilfre's successor as leader of the Shadow. Unlike Wilfre, Aldark is a pure manifestation of Shadow after it was expelled from the Raposa realm. Also unlike Wilfre, who relied on his cunning to manipulate others, Aldark uses his powers to directly alter the minds of his victims, bringing out their worst emotions. His motives are not idealistic, believing firmly in the domination of the Shadow and the separation of the two realms, a stark contrast from his predecessor. He spends most of his time attempting to manipulate Mike into forgetting about the Raposa forever.


Aldark is a towering Shadow being with no eyes and a toothy smile. He wears a massive, dark green cloak with white and gold trimmings. He also wears a large, gold key around his neck. It is known that he has at least two hands and two feet, but it is unknown what his torso and lower body looks like. In his official artwork, his cloak is purple instead of dark green.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

After the Shadow is expelled from the Raposa realm at the end of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, it enters the Human realm. This event coincides with Mike awakens from his coma, and Aldark wastes no time and begins to corrupt the townsfolk of Belleview. This is done in order to depress Mike, making him completely forget about the Raposa realm and completely severing the connection between realms. In the four years between Drawn to Life: Two Realms and Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Aldark and the Shadow continue to corrupt the Humans, leaving only a few untouched.

At the beginning of the game, Aldark's plans are nearly complete, but somehow, Mari and a revived, Shadow-less Wilfre catch wind of his plan, sending a Hero with the Book of Imagination to the Human realm to stop him. The first time the Hero encounters Aldark, they have already rid Tony, Heather, and Mr. Esow of Shadow. Aldark taunts the Hero, sending multiple Minimus to attack. He tells the Hero that if they survive, to tell Mari that he hopes to see her soon.

By the next time Aldark is seen, the Hero has already dispatched more Shadow beings, including a Maximus, and has rid Bruce of his Shadow. After Mike tries to protect Aly, his friend, from a Shadow being that she can't see, Aldark enters her home and summons a Minimus to possess her. Aldark then travels to the School to meet Mike and the Hero as they return from Rapoville. The Hero and Aldark refuse to fight head on, but Aldark sends a Desperate to attack them before leaving.

Aldark, next seen inside the school, goes on to possess more people, and Mike demands him to undo what he did to Aly. Aldark tells Mike that his plans are bigger than Belleview, and that he would release Aly if Mike did something for him. Before Mike can respond, Tony tells him that they need to go, so they leave. Aldark calls out to the Hero, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, and sends an Arrogance to fight him. The Hero dispatches it, and Aldark commends the Hero for being so strong. He also tells the Hero that only he could give Mike what he truly wants.

Aldark is next seen before Mike confronts Deputy Snyder, stopping the Hero and asking if Mari had told them all her secrets. Aldark then reveals that the connection between realms, Mike's memories. The only reason travel between realms was possible was because Mike still had memories of the Hero and the Raposa realm, stating that Mike had the power to cut of the Raposa realm altogether. As a final test, Aldark sends a Furious after the Hero, which the Hero must defeat.

After the Hero helps Mike and Deputy Snyder overcome their trauma, Mike and the Hero go off to face Aldark directly. Aldark mocks the Hero and tells them that their efforts have been for naught, and summons many different Shadow beings to terrorize the Humans. The Hero then uses the Book of Imagination to challenge Aldark to an Imagination Battle, which the Hero wins. Aldark is surprised that the Hero won, but vows to always lurk in the shadows.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Your final chance to push back the darkness.

–Level Description

Aldark's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named Font of Darkness. It is the twenty-seventh and final story level in the game, and has five segments. After dealing with Mike and Deputy Snyder, the Hero and Mike go to Mike's House, finding Aldark. Aldark reveals the Shadow beings to the villagers, and finally challenges the Hero to an Imagination Battle, adamant to be rid of them forever.


Build Mode[edit]

Font of Darkness is notable for having three Build Mode segments instead of one.

In the first Build Mode segment, the player is given an E'Squire, a Grabber, Heavy Twins, and a Spiky Stan. One possible solution is for the player to place the Spiky Stan over the first set of bramble, the E'Squire on the bramble near the yellow button, the Heavy Twins over the over the bottomless pit, right of the three coins, and the Grabber above the Heavy Twins.

In the second Build Mode segment, the player is given a Cactus Baki, an Octoshot, and a Boom Baki. One possible solution is for the player to place the Cactus Baki next to the yellow button, the Boom Baki with the red button, and the Octoshot one block in front of the platform with the red button.

In the third and final Build Mode segment, the player is given a Boom Baki, two E'Squire, a Bounce, and an Octoshot. One possible solution is for the player to place an E'Squire behind the red gate, the Boom Baki next to the blocks with a gap in the top left, the Octoshot in the hole in the top right, the other E'Squire near the dark blue button, and the Bounce on the platform right of the purple button.

Another battle won...

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
Next Level

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Ah! It's you! Just the annoying creation I was looking for.
I've invested way too much time in this Town... and my young friend Mike... to have you show up and ruin it all.
Your pathetic imagination game won't be as easy against my Shadows...
If you manage to survive, go tell Mari... I hope to see her soon.


Before fighting Minimus

Ah... Aly. Such a sweet girl. But our plan requires something else.
Something... A little more... Devious.


While possessing Aly

Yes... Hero, come and get me.
Smarter than you look. Which isn’t saying much.
I don’t really want to play with you right now. I’m in the middle of... some more important tasks.
You seem so disappointed. Well then, a test perhaps?


Before fighting Desperate

You are in no position to threaten me... But I feel we are... misunderstood.
I want nothing to do with Aly. My plans involve something greater than your humble, little town.
I can release Aly from her predicament... But what small favor would you do for me?


To Mike

There's no need to keep hiding. You can come out now.
Ahh, Hero. Always trying to disrupt my carefully laid plans.
I’m afraid I can’t let you escape this time.


Before fighting Arrogance

What a surprise you are.
It doesn’t matter how strong you become. You can’t stop my plan.
I know what Mike really wants. What he deeply, truly desires. You don't have the ability to offer that to him. Only I can do that.
Enjoy your fruitless work, creation. Next time we meet, I won’t be as forgiving nor as patient.


After fighting Arrogance

I just saw your little friend running by… He seemed quite upset. I think he finally realized... How pathetic you really are.
Did Mari tell you all her secrets? Or only the one? Did she forget to tell you about the connection between realms?
Unlike that Raposa girl... I’m happy to share the full truth with you.
You were only able to travel across realms because, deep down, Mike still had memories of you. He doesn’t realize the power he has.
But once he does… He’ll gladly cut off the Raposa forever. I just hope you’re on the other side when it finally happens.
I tire of your constant interruptions. I’ve been holding back. But now it’s time for a real test. Run or fight, it makes no difference to me either way. You have no real power here, construct.


Before fighting Furious

There you are, construct. You've made me wait for so long. I thought maybe you had given up.
Saved your precious friends, did you? Good for you... Aren't you so dear to these humans.
No matter. Your efforts have been but a waste on these pitiful creatures. In the end, this realm will be bathed in shadow.


Before summoning Shadows into Belleview

You may have have saved these people, but you hold no power over the darkness.
I tire of your presence. Your... Interruptions. No more games little hero. It's time to be free of you for eternity.


Before fighting Aldark

How... How is this possible? Fool… This hollow victory means nothing…
You cannot stop the darkness… As long as there exists a human realm, we shall lurk in the shadow.
Farewell, construct... Till next we meet again.


After fighting Aldark


  • Aldark's name seems to follow the same naming convention as Wilfre.
    • Wilfre's name is based on "free will" while Aldark's name is based on "all dark".
  • Aldark's angry sprite seems to have an error, as a strange, red substance appears above his closed mouth.
    • This may be a layering issue, and this could be the inside of his mouth used in other sprites or an earlier version of this sprite, but this is merely conjecture.
  • Aldark is the second canonical main villain in the series, following Wilfre.
    • Doodlebob and Circi are two other main villains in the series, but do not appear in canon entries.
  • Aldark is one of two main villains to never be battled in a traditional sense, the other being Circi.
  • Aldark's various Shadow creatures appear noticeably different from Wilfre's. This may be due to his more aggressive and malicious nature.
  • It is unknown if Aldark had any effect on Rapoville, as many of the Raposa seem to be effected in the same way the Humans were.
  • It is also unknown if Aldark existed before the Shadow was expelled from he Raposa realm, or if he was only created afterwards.
  • If the second Creative Pack has been installed, completing Font of Darkness will unlock Optional Imagination Battles for Heather, Tony, Miney, and Miles.

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