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Species Ameba
Variant None
Health HeartSmall Small.pngHeartSmall Small.pngHeartSmall Small.png
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin Small.pngGoldCoin Small.pngSilverCoin Small.png
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
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Not to be confused with Ghost.



Ameba are enemies found in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, and one appears as a character in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. In the DS game, they will walk and look around within levels. When the Hero comes near them, they will try to attack and damage them. Ameba will not actively pursue the player under most circumstances. In the sequel, an Ameba can be found in the Galactic Jungle district at night and can be challenged to an Imagination Battle after completing Leader Astray.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Ameba are pale blue-and-white, flat, humanoid creatures. When defeated, they explode and fragment into many pieces.

AButton.png Levels[edit]

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Walks, Talks, Acts like a ghost. But isn't a ghost. Squish it!

–Level Description

Single Cell Annoyance is an optional battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, has one segment, and takes place inside an Ameba's mind.


One Star (500 points): 50 Rapo-Coins
Two Stars (1500 points): 70 Rapo-Coins
Three Stars (2500 points): Angel Wings Sticker

Required Enemies[edit]

Build Mode[edit]

For this level, the player is required to place 5 toys and defeat all possible toys.


  • Ameba have the ability to appear as Raposa.
    • It is unknown if this is shape-shifting on the Ameba's part or concealment done by Wilfre.
  • Interestingly, Ameba are very similar to the Shadow Walkers in the first game.
    • Both take three hits to kill, attack the player with their bodies, seem to be Wilfre's main "minions", and explode when defeated.
  • It is unknown why they become Wilfre's minions, where they came from or where the Shadow creatures went.
  • Ameba seem to be frequently mistaken for ghosts in the Raposa Realm.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]