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Species Shadow
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Fur Color
No Fur
Home Belleview
Role Antagonist
Last Known Status Unknown (Assumed Alive)
Game(s) TR Logo.png

Arrogance are Shadow beings in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. They are some of Aldark's minions, and the Hero encounters one after Mike confronts Aldark inside the School. A few more of them appear when Aldark reveals the Shadow to Belleview.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Arrogance is a tall, lanky humanoid being made entirely of Shadow. It wears a gold crown and carries a rose in its hand.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Aldark will do anything to stop you. You have to help Mike!

–Level Description

Arrogance's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named Shadows Abound. It is the seventeenth story level in the game, and has four segments. After Mike and Tony visit the School after-hours, Mike confronts Aldark about Aly. After Tony and Mike leave, the Hero confronts Aldark, annoyed by the Hero's constant interruptions. Aldark summons an Arrogance to defeat the Hero, but the Hero prevails. Aldark then mocks the Hero, claiming that he knows what Mike really wants, and disappears.


Build Mode[edit]

In Build Mode, the player is given a Megamini, a Hootlamp, and a Cactus Baki. One possible solution is for the player to place the Cactus Baki on the flame vents, the Hootlamp on the right side of the bramble, and the Megamini above the red door.

You beat him back... This time.

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
Fields and Planters
Next Level
Pulled Two Ways


  • Arrogance seems to be missing the second half of its back walk cycle.
  • Like all of Aldark's Shadow creatures, Arrogance's name is never stated in game, but has been found in the game's files.
  • Arrogance's Imagination Battle is one of three to have four segments.
  • Arrogance's Imagination Battle is one of the few to not have the Build Mode segment be the last.
  • Shortly after completing Shadows Abound, Imagination Battles for Ole Man Zachary, Fire Baki, Rocky Baki, Manic Baki, Moon Baki, Jeff, Key, Kone, Luke, Moe, and Octoshot.
    • If the first Creative Pack has been installed, Imagination Battles for Bo, Mo, and Mya are also unlocked with this group.
    • If the second Creative Pack has been installed, Imagination Battles for Bubba and Frank will be unlocked with this group.

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