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Baki, plural "Baki", are the most common enemies in the Drawn to Life Series. They wander around, with most not specifically targeting the Hero. Baki are defeated by jumping on top of them, performing a ground bounce, or by using a weapon.

As made apparent in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Baki are native to the Raposa's land and are a constant nuisance to them because they tend to steal food such as Banya crops. Their numbers have been decreasing because of the Shadow enshrouding the land and destroying their huts, forcing the Baki to leave their homes. It is hinted that Raposa may actually eat Baki in the first game, when Chef Cookie makes a remark about the taste of Space Baki. Baki are also known for being quite stupid.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Although their appearances change in different stages of every game, they are consistently bipedal, mouse-like creatures that have large completely white eyes. Tending to wear a striped scarf, they may also sometimes wear things on their heads such as buckets, helmets, or leaves.

BakiIcon.png All Baki Variants[edit]


  • Jeremiah Slaczka confirmed in an interview that Baki only have two legs.[1]
  • Baki in Drawn to Life can occupy the same space without collision unlike in the sequel.
  • Baki, when on a slope, will spawn ~5 pixels over the ground when the Hero approaches their spawning point.
  • Baki spawners will only spawn one active Baki at a time, even when the Hero allows the spawner to stay far off-screen.
    • "Baki spawners" refers to the uniform point in which Baki spawn when the Hero approaches an area.
  • Calling someone a Baki is considered an insult by the Raposa, such as "Mindless Baki, the lot of you!" and "You stupid Baki!"
    • A Raposa also might call another "scaredy-Baki" as opposed to "scaredy-cat".
  • "Baki" is similar to the Japanese word "baka" meaning "fool," "stupid," "idiot," etc.
  • Baki were mentioned in NavyJ's song in the first game.
  • Baki are the only enemies to appear in every non Spongebob Drawn to Life game.

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