City Gate

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City Gate



Gate Number 4
Gate Creations Kaorin Bush
Legendary Sword
Gate Element City
Levels Rapocity
Windy Hills
Rapo Towers
Boss N/A
Area North-eastern segment of Rapoville
Games Drawn to Life Link
Previous Gate
Beach Gate
Next Gate
Secret Door

The City Gate is the fourth Gate accessible in Drawn to Life.

It is the Gate after the Beach Gate, and before the Secret Door. This Gate contains a total of three levels, all of which are regular. It has no boss.

AButton.png Levels[edit]

World 4-1[edit]

Rapocity is the first level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Mike, a RapoGirl, and a RapoBoy, and collect the Secret Door Template.

World 4-2[edit]

Windy Hills is the second level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Unagi and his operators, and collect the Legendary Sword Template.

World 4-3[edit]

Rapo Towers is the third level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Dr. Cure and two of her assistants, and collect the Final Page for the Book of Life.

The Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is the entrance to the Shadow Lair. It can be accessed after completing Rapo Towers.

JoweeThumbSmall.png Rescued Characters[edit]



Dr. Cure


  • The Mayor calls the City Gate the "Rapoville Gate".
  • This is the only Gate in the game to not contain five levels, including bosses.
    • Not counting the Snow Fields, which is part of the Snow Gate and is a tutorial level that cannot be replayed.
    • Also not counting the Secret Door, which only contains one level.
  • This Gate only contains Shadow and Baki enemies.
  • The sprite used for the City Gate is a remnant of the Meadow Gate, a cut gate.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]

A hero clearing the northeastern section of the village.