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Name Clock
Use Tells the current time of day.
Allows for a day/night cycle.
Creation Type Village Creation
Has Preset No
Template Needed Yes
Created In/After Gearworks
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link

Not to be confused with the Wii creation.

The Clock is a creation in Drawn to Life used to tell the player's local time. At the start of the game, the clock appears to be broken with gears showing from behind a torn clock face. After The Creator draws the Night Sky, the player must bring back the Village Clock page from Gearworks and draw the Clock Hands. 

The Clock Hands are a creation drawn by The Creator used to tell the current time. They show up on the  Village Clock at Village Hall and on the sub-screen HUD (shown while in the village). The template is retrieved from Gearworks and is drawn after the Festival takes place.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

The clock itself takes the appearance of a blue metal disc with various mechanical accents, and a white clock face in the center. Dashes at regular intervals around the case indicate the hours, while a semi-circular hole reveals the gear mechanisms working the clock. Hanging from the Clock is a brown satchel with some kind of rolled up document sticking out of it.

That hands of the clock are drawn by the player, and as such their appearance is up to what the player decides to drawn. They are, however, restricted to two rectangular boxes, one smaller than the other to indicate the hour and minute hand.

The player also gets to draw a Clock face too, but this is not shown on the Clock itself. Instead, it appears on the Village Hall, along with the Clock Hands, so that the Raposa of the village can use to tell the time with. Like the Hands, the Face is entirely designed by the player, although they are restricted to a circular area that appears white if not colored in.


  • It takes 12 hours for a day to pass in Drawn to Life, from 7AM-7PM.
  • The Clock is vital for the Day/Night cycle to occur in Drawn to Life, as the time never changes without it.
  • There are no pre-drawn guides for this creation. The image showing the Clock Hands is from a pre-release version of the game.
  • The Clock's time is synced up with whatever time the player's Nintendo DS is set at.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the Clock on the Village Hall is absent, instead replaced by a bell.