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Species Dodo
Variant N/A
Health Invincible to the Player
Attack Type Does not attack
Item Drops N/A
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

Dodos are enemies exclusive to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter that appear in only two levels—the Forgotten Library and Cosmic Bog—making them one of the more uncommon enemies in the series.

Dodos stand upright and walk back and forth along platforms in which they are present. Unlike most enemies, they cannot hurt The Hero. If contact is made, Dodos will go through their "pushed" animation and The Hero will bounce away from them.

Dodos can occasionally be seen outside of levels. Examples being the Dodo seen in the opening cinematic for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, seen in Rapoville, and the Dodos seen on Turtle Rock.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Despite their name, Dodos are not designed after the real-life, extinct, Dodo Bird. Dodos are white and fluffy birdlike creatures. They have big, rounded yellow beaks, pure white eyes, and striped legs. Though their wings cannot be seen in their sprites, they are visible elsewhere, which would indicate that their wings are fluffy enough to blend in with the rest of their bodies.

AButton.png Levels[edit]

Gears.png Bugs[edit]

  • If attacked multiple times in quick succession with the Slinger, the Dodo will cycle through their "pushed" animation the number of times that they were hit. They will continue this even after The Hero has stopped attacking them.


  • It is named after the real life dodo, a small grey bird of the pigeon family that is now extinct.
  • A Dodo is seen in the opening scene for the game.
  • The Pilot Bird is possibly related to the Dodo.
  • Their wings cannot be seen on their sprites.
    • However, it is known that they have them, as they are seen on the Dodo in the opening scene, along with some of the Dodos that appear on Turtle Rock, and the one that briefly appears in Jowee's house in the beginning of the game.
  • It's possible that the Dodo is related to the Wind Doot, as both enemies are bipedal and have white, fluffy bodies.

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