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Dr. Curie

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Species Human
Gender Female
Age Adult
Hair Color
Level An Apple A Day
Home Belleview
Role Villager
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) TR Logo.png
What's your current medical emergency?

–Dr. Curie

Dr. Curie is a supporting character featured in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. She is a Belleview resident who works at the hospital in town. She is also Aly's mother and Bruce's wife.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Dr. Curie is an adult human with medium length black hair. She wears a white medical coat and has a red stethoscope hung around her neck.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before the events of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Dr. Curie was infected with Shadow by Aldark. Before the Hero arrives, she begins to distance herself from her husband, Bruce, and her daughter Aly, taking more double-shifts at the hospital. The Hero first meets her outside the hospital at Aly's request. Dr. Curie asks how the Hero is injured, but when she finds out they're only there at Aly's request, she gets very upset, so the Hero enters her mind to clear the Shadow. After her mind is cleared, she reunites with Bruce, and the two of them apologize for being so harsh on each other, agreeing to treat Aly to her favorite pizza place - Cesaros. During the credits, she and Bruce can be seen kissing outside Aly's House.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

The Doctor thinks everyone is after her. Help her out!

–Level Description

Dr. Curie's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named An Apple a Day. It is the nineteenth story level in the game, and has three segments. When Aly asks the Hero to find her mother, Dr. Curie gets upset that Aly is getting others involved in their family issues. She blames her husband, Bruce, assuming he convinced Aly to ask the Hero, and she snaps at the Hero.


Build Mode[edit]

In Build Mode, the player is given a Grabber, a Pengoon, and a Wind Doot. One possible solution is for the player to place the Grabber by the yellow door, the Wind Doot in the "L" figure, and the Pengoon on the left side of the red door.

This "check up" was a success!

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
Pulled Two Ways
Next Level
Company Town Gives Company Work

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Joint pain? Well... That's not my field of medicine, but I can refer you to a specialist.

–Dr. Curie

Did you say Aly sent you? Why? Is something wrong?

–Dr. Curie

Why is she blabbering on about our family business? Probably egged on by her father. As usual.

–Dr. Curie

I... I was a bit harsh to you... and Aly.

–Dr. Curie

I've been frustrated... It hasn't been very easy recently.

–Dr. Curie

That's a bit of a drive, but sounds lovely.

–Dr. Curie

Where is Aly by the way? She's not with you?

–Dr. Curie

I'm too busy to chat with strangers.

–Dr. Curie

Before completing Sleuthing Extraordinaire

New vaccines? Not that I've heard of. We're not the big city.

–Dr. Curie

Before completing Pulled Two Ways

Hey! You should come over sometime to see the family and try Bruce's cooking.

–Dr. Curie

After completing Pulled Two Ways


  • Shortly after completing An Apple a Day, Imagination Battles for Wind Doot, Amy, Butler, E'Squire, Franco Key, Gary, Kyren, Mr. Celek, Nima, Hermit Crab, and Molemite.
  • According to the Raposa-Human Connection Sheet used during development, Dr. Curie is Dr. Cure's counterpart[1].
  • It is unknown if "Curie" is her last name or first name, though it is more likely to be her last name due to most professionals using their last name for work.
    • However, if "Curie" is her first name, her full name would likely be "Curie Lannialli".

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NoteIcon.png References[edit]

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