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Drawn to Life: Two Realms



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Developer(s) DCLogo.png
Publisher(s) 505 Games logo.svg.png
Release Date(s) Dec. 07, 2020
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch Logo.png
Steam Logo.png (Microsoft Windows Logo.png / Linux Logo.pngLinux Proton Logo.png)
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Genre(s) Adventure/Platform
Rating(s) E (ESRB)
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Now that Mike is awake, a new human world is revealed. Travel between the Raposa and Human towns to uncover the mystery of the Shadow. Use the Book of Imagination to enter the mind and challenge townspeople, enemies, and Raposa in over 100 platforming challenges. Jump, spin, and ground pound your way through unique puzzles and save Mike and his friends.

–505 Games Description

Drawn to Life: Two Realms is the sequel to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, developed by Digital Continue and published by 505 Games. Many of the original creators of the first two DS games make a return in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, including artists Chern Fai and Edison Yan, executive producer Joseph Tringali, and composer David J. Franco.

It was released as Drawn to Life: Two Kingdoms (ドローン トゥ ライフ 〜 2つの王国 〜, Dorōn to Raifu: 〜Futatsu no Ōkoku〜) in Japan.

It is the 3rd canon game in the Drawn to Life Series and the 6th Drawn to Life release overall.

The game is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

AButton.png Gameplay[edit]

Drawn to Life: Two Realms is a 2D puzzle-platformer game in which you draw your own hero to play as, similar to previous installations. Unlike previous games in the series, Drawn to Life: Two Realms takes on an isometric design within villages outside of levels, and allows the player to explore the never-before-seen Human world. New to the game is the addition of "toys" which can be placed directly into the level to help The Hero progress. This is analogous to the Action Drawing mechanic seen in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii).

Village Mode[edit]

Unlike previous Drawn to Life games, Drawn to Life: Two Realms adopts a pixel-inspired isometric view of the village areas outside of levels, this time including the Human realm's Belleview. There are stray Rapo-Coins scattered throughout Belleview and Rapoville, as well as Speed Fruit that give the Hero a brief speed boost.

Imagination Battles[edit]

Like Adventure Modes in the previous entries in the series, Imagination Battles are the main form of gameplay. They are the side-scrolling levels and each take place inside the mind of a character, accessible by the Hero through the Book of Imagination. They typically have multiple sections for the Hero to traverse, and each battle has at least one section where the player must place enemies to complete the level. There are 27 Imagination Battles in the main story, 54 Imagination Battles as optional side quests, and 20 Imagination Battles available as downloadable content.

Draw Mode[edit]

A brand-new Creation Tool expands the creative possibility with millions of colors, unique stickers, templates, new hero animations. Unlock additional Stickers to further customize and save out your unique Hero looks via the new “Outfit System”.

In Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Draw Mode enjoys a major overhaul. Like previous Drawn to Life installments, stamps, templates, and basic drawing tools are available (such as the fill bucket, eraser, and varying brush sizes). However, new tools exist such as transparency locking (Alpha Lock) and a digital color-picker.

A basic color palette exists which allows the player to choose basic colors for their creations. The colors available on this basic palette are nearly identical to those available on the standard palette of Drawn to Life's Draw Mode, with the exclusion of one color.

Downloadable Content[edit]

Creative Pack[edit]

The first set of DLC for Drawn to Life: Two Realms was the Creative Pack, releasing on February 4th, 2021. This DLC added 20 Stickers, 9 Stamps, 19 Templates, 10 Challenge Levels, and more screen resolution support on Steam. Seedlee and Taz were also added to Rapoville at night. Many bugs were fixed in this update, including animation issues, scoring issues, issues with Dreamers, Grabbers, and Megaminis, as well as other crashes and glitches.

Creative Pack #2[edit]

The second and final set of DLC for Drawn to Life: Two Realms was the Creative Pack #2, releasing on April 21st, 2021. This DLC added 15 Stickers, 15 Templates, 10 Stamps, and 10 more Challenge Levels. This update also added Cumulus and Kuragekko to Rapoville at night. There were presumably some bug fixes, but no such patch notes exist. This update marks the current end of the Drawn to Life series.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

The game begins with Mari on the Secret Beach. She is praying to the Creator and reminiscing on the past two games when Wilfre appears behind her. He gives her the Book of Imagination and tells her how different the human realm is from the Raposa realm. Mari thanks him for his help and goes to Creation Hall.

Inside Creation Hall, Mari prays to the Creator again and asks for a new Hero. After sending her a Hero, she asks how the Hero will fit in in the human realm. The Creator tells Mari the humans will see the Hero as one of them, and after a brief tutorial to imagination battles, Mari says goodbye to the Hero.

The Hero enters the human realm in a town called Belleview and sees a fight between Mike and Tony and Teo, where Tony is trying to steal Mike’s scooter. After the Hero has an imagination battle in Tony’s head, Tony forgets why he’s harassing Mike, angering Teo. After Tony runs off, Mike introduces himself to the Hero before remembering that he needs to go to the store, where Heather is waiting for him.

At the store, Heather is upset about Mike being late, yelling at him about how he doesn’t care. After another imagination battle, the Hero calms Heather down and introduces themself. Suddenly, Mr. Esow approaches and wrongly accuses Mike of stealing from his shop. The Hero does battle in Mr. Esow’s head, and afterwards, Mr. Esow apologizes, telling Mike he'll give him a discount on all future ExcitoSticker purchases. Mike and Heather say goodbye and run back home.

That night, Aldark appears to the Hero tells them to leave. Aldark summons a horde of Minimus to attack the Hero, so the Hero has an imagination battle with one. After winning, the Hero steps back and runs into the portal, returning to Rapoville. They report back to Mari, but Jowee overhears their conversation. Upset he's been excluded from the plan, Jowee challenges the Hero to an imagination battle. After losing, Jowee calms down and mentions he's been grumpy since Chef Cookie stopped selling his Banya Scones. He asks the Hero to convince him to start selling them again, much to Mari’s dismay.

The Hero chats with Chef Cookie and finds out he’s been eating all the Banya Scones. After an imagination battle, Chef Cookie apologizes and gives the Hero a Banya Scone to give to Jowee. The Hero returns to Jowee and Mari and watches as the two split the scone. Mari then tells the Hero to try to bring Mike back to Rapoville. Jowee suggests drawing him an awesome looking Watch that would allow him to travel between realms. After drawing the watch, the Hero returns to Belleview.

The Hero stumbles on Mike outside at night; confronted by Shadow monsters. After fighting a Maximus in an imagination battle, more Shadows approach. The Hero convinces Mike to come back with him to Rapoville. Mike and the Raposa reunite after 4 years, but he only vaguely remembers everyone. Mari brings Mike, the Hero, and Jowee inside Village Hall, and explains some of what she knows about the Shadow and how it can only manifest at night. She's cagey on how she learned the information, but she asks Mike to hang around until it's night, which would mean it's daytime in the human world. When the sun goes down, Mike and the Hero return back to Belleview. Wilfre watches as they leave the village and remarks about how impressed he is, stating “Maybe they have a chance after all…”

Back in Belleview, Mike says he's exhausted and that he’s going to take a nap. As the sun begins to set, the Hero wakes Mike up. Aly calls on the phone and asks to meet Mike in the Park, so Mike leaves, excited. The Hero follows him and overhears Aly confiding in Mike that her parents have been fighting and her dad left. Mike makes an offhand joke that the Hero is stalking him, and asks the Hero to go help find Aly’s dad. Aly is skeptical of the new "kid" being able to do anything but gives the Hero her father’s description regardless.

The Hero finds Aly’s dad, Bruce Lannialli, loitering outside the Police Station. He yells at the Hero, telling them to stay out of their family’s business, and the Hero has an imagination battle in his head. Aly and Mike catch up to the Hero, and she confronts her dad about leaving. He admits that he was in the wrong and goes back to his house. Aly thanks the Hero and Mike, and she asks if maybe Mike wants to meet her at the Ice Cream shop later tonight. Mike agrees, but Aly then invites the Hero as well.

That night, the Hero walks to the Ice Cream Shop to meet Mike and Aly, where Mike orders a scoop of Mayonnaise Ice Cream. Mike offers to walk Aly back home, but on the way back, he sees a Shadow. He warns Aly about it, but because she can’t see the Shadow monster, she thinks Mike is spazzing out and runs off. Mike is confused but finally accepts that this isn't a dream and that the Raposa are real. They decide to return to Rapoville to chat with Mari about the Shadow.

Back in Rapoville, Mari tells Mike that because part of him spent time in Rapoville 4 years ago, he's able to see the Shadow. She reveals that after they restored Color to their world, the Shadow was banished into Belleview. Mike wants to go back and fight it, but Mari tells him that the Hero needs more time to build up their imagination. She then tells the Hero to challenge Crazy Barks when they’re ready. Mike tells the Hero they're wasting time and should get back to Belleview to check on Aly. Mike uses the Watch; and the Hero runs after. Unbeknownst to them, Aldark appears in Aly’s room and allows a Minimus to corrupt her.

The Hero and Mike return to Belleview at night and encounter Aldark. The Hero steps in to battle him but Aldark summons Desperate instead. The Hero fights it in an imagination battle and day arrives. Mike tells the Hero he needs to check on Aly, so he runs off towards her house. The Hero goes to Aly's House and finds her angry with Mike. She calls him a weirdo and tells him to get out. Mike runs off, blaming the Hero for her now hating him, so the Hero goes back to see Mari.

When they return to Rapoville, Mari isn’t there, so they talk to Jowee instead. He tells the Hero that the best idea is to tell Mike to stop acting like a baby and to ask Aly on an adventure. Mari walks over and the two of them argue. She tells the Hero that it's probably best to give Mike some space and asks if the Hero can help her solve some problems around the Village in the meantime.

Pirate Beard, Unagi, and Indee are about to leave on an adventure but they’re too to set off. After the Hero has an imagination battle with each of them, the three Raposa resolve to go on an adventure themselves. Then, NavyJ tells the Hero that he has stage fright before his next big show, so the Hero has to help him overcome his fear. After an imagination battle, NavyJ is thankful but tells the Hero he can't perform until he has security. The Hero finds Cricket and learns that he is searching for a Baki Thief who keeps stealing Farmer Brown's Banya Crop. The Hero waits until that night and catches the Baki thief, revealed to be an Acorn Baki, and fights it in an imagination battle. The Baki Thief runs off and Cricket lets it go.

The Hero finally returns to Mari, and she thanks them for the help. She then tells the Hero to go see if Heather would have any ideas. Mari also asks the Hero to send her the Raposa’s regards, saying that they miss her. In Belleview, the Hero asks Heather if she's seen Mike. She hasn’t but she tells the Hero that Mike and Tony were acting weird; and heading toward the School. Heather says they left a while ago and since it's getting dark, she's afraid they're up to something.

At the school, the Hero sees Mike, but Tony is nowhere to be found. Mike is arguing with Aldark. Hero overhears Aldark make Mike an offer – he would release Aly from the Shadow if Mike did something for him. Before Mike can respond, Tony comes running up asking Mike who he's talking to. He also says that he heard the security guard outside; and they need to go before they get in trouble. Mike and Tony leave, running past the Hero. Aldark then walks up to the Hero and asks what the Hero can possibly offer Mike, before sending Arrogance to fight the Hero.

After an imagination battle with Arrogance, the Hero finds Mike back at his house. Heather is telling him how worried she was, but he tells her to leave him alone and gets mad at the Hero. Heather says that the Hero must think the entire town in crazy and begins to explain what happened after they left the hospital 4 years ago.

After the crash, the entire town was thankful that Mike woke up from his coma. They also held a memorial service for Mike’s parents, but eventually, everyone began to blame everyone else for the accident. People complained about inviting the carnival to visit and not repaving the road the accident occurred on. No one seemed to care about how Mike was feeling, as they were so caught up in washing away their own guilt. Heather then tells the Hero that Aly was the only person who took the time to get to know Mike and care about him. Heather then asks the Hero to talk to Aly to see what had happened between her and Mike.

The Hero meets up with Aly, and she reveals more on what happened. Aly reveals that Deputy Snyder was driving the other car in the accident, and she gets angry at Heather for trying to find the good in everyone. The Hero has an imagination battle in her head and ends up freeing her from control of the Shadow. Just then, Bruce comes in asking about Aly’s mom, asking where she is so he can apologize. She asks the Hero to go talk to her mom, a doctor at the local hospital, and help bring them back together. In the meantime, she's going to try and find Mike and apologize.

At the hospital, Aly’s mom, Dr. Curie, gets mad at her daughter for “blabbering on” about their family’s issues, and gets mad at the Hero in turn. After an imagination battle, Dr. Curie and Bruce reconcile, so the Hero sets off in search of Mike and Aly.

The Hero goes to Mike's House and walks in on an argument between Aly, Heather, and Tony. Tony claims that Mike went through a portal, but Heather and Aly don’t believe him. Heather and Aly think he's exaggerating, but Tony insists he’s not lying. Tony leaves the house and goes to the Arcade, and Aly asks the Hero to find Mike. Back in Rapoville, the Hero meets with Mari. Mari said they didn’t know he came back, and tells the Hero to check the new Watersong, Lavasteam, and Galactic Jungle Districts with Jowee.

In the Lavasteam district, Jowee reminisces on their adventures in Lavasteam, and then explains that the villages they travelled to in their last adventure decided to set up homes in Rapoville for people to live when they travel. Eventually, King Miney shows up, but is too distracted trying to recruit more Raposa to come work in Lavasteam and won't talk to the Hero. The Hero has an imagination battle in his head, clearing his mind. After this, King Miney recognizes the Hero, and Jowee asks him if he’s seen Mike. Miney says that he has and points them in the direction of the Galactic Jungle district.

In the Galactic Jungle district, Click complains to Jowee about the next Mayoral election happening in Galactic Jungle. Click is scared of the citizens of Galactic Jungle voting him out, so he is visiting Rapoville to try and convince Mari to endorse him. Jowee tries to talk him out of bribing Mari for her endorsement, but fails, so the Hero has an imagination battle in his head. Click realizes that his fears are unfounded; and even if he loses the election; everything will be ok. Jowee asks him about Mike, but Click says that he hasn't seen anyone strange, although Click says Miles might know something.

Outside the Watersong district, Jowee asks Miles what's wrong, but Miles refuses to say anything to the two. Eventually, he confesses that he's run away from Watersong because he misses his mother, Rose. He's thinking of staying in Rapoville; but is struggling with his responsibility as future Mayor of Watersong. After an imagination battle, Jowee suggests that the Hero draw a Pet to keep Miles company. Miles names the pet YoYaYa and starts to feel encouraged. He asks Jowee why they needed to talk to him, and Jowee asks about Mike. Miles tells the group that Mike rented the house in the Watersong district, so the two get Mari and go to the house.

In the house, Jowee, Mari, and the Hero corner Mike, and ask him why he came to the village. Mike tells them that it’s his fault Belleview is in shambles, and that he wished he didn’t survive the car accident. Jowee gets mad at him, but Mari tells him to calm down. Mari then talks to Mike about how she felt when her dad was killed by Wilfre, how she blamed herself but had her friends to support. She then reveals to the group that Wilfre is alive, and that he was the one who told Mari about the Shadow being banished into the Human realm. She admits that refused to act for years in fear that the Shadow would re-enter the Raposa realm. Mike gets mad and runs out of the house as Mari beings to fall into a spiral of self-doubt, escaping to the Secret Beach. Jowee says that he and the Hero should go help Mari before finding Mike, so the two go the the Secret Beach.

Jowee and the Hero arrive at the beach and remind Mari of everything that she's done for the Raposa. She tells Jowee this time she's giving up for real and running away. The Hero does a second imagination battle with Mari and helps her overcome her guilt. Mari, with a renewed focus, tells the Hero to return to Belleview and eliminate the last remaining Shadow in Belleview, and then face Aldark.

The Hero returns to Belleview and is met by Aldark. Aldark laughs, telling the Hero how he observed Mike on his way back, and then begins to tell the Hero about the link between the realms. The only reason the Hero was able to travel between realms was because deep down, Mike still had memories of them. Aldark begins to berate the Hero before sending Furious to attack them. The Hero has an imagination battle with Furious and defeats the Shadow monster.

The Hero then spots Aly, Tony, and Heather walking by. As they explain the situation to the Hero, they realize that Mike is going to confront Deputy Snyder and “settle this whole thing once and for all.” The three of them hurry to the Police Station where they find Mike yelling at Deputy Snyder and blaming him for the death of this parents. He tells him that he doesn’t want to hear any excuses, and Deputy Snyder, still grief stricken over the incident, tells Mike that he can't stop thinking about that night. The Hero has an imagination battle with Snyder and helps free him from his guilt. However, before Snyder can say anything, Mike, now furious, confesses that he wishes Snyder, and the rest of his friends, didn't exist. The Hero then enters faces Mikes runaway imagination in a battle, and comes out victorious.

Mike, with Aly, Tony, Heather, and a bunch of townspeople looking on, forgives Deputy Snyder. He tells the Hero that the time has come to face and defeat Aldark once and for all, and he leads him the shadow monster. Aldark, now furious at the Hero, mocks the Hero and claims that in the end, the human realm will be bathed in Shadow. Aldark then summons an army of Shadow beings (who can now be seen by the townspeople) and challenges the Hero to one final imagination battle.

After being defeated, Aldark questions his power, but continues to mock and threaten the Hero as he fades into the shadows with his army. Mike celebrates and promises that he’ll do his best to keep the Shadow away. The two of them say goodbye as the Hero returns to the Raposa realm.

As Jowee and Mari celebrate the Hero’s victory with them, Wilfre appears and congratulates the Hero, but remarks that the battle against the Shadow is far from over. Wilfre states that the next time the Shadow appears, it could be impacting everyone, and not just one town. He then leaves, stating that he has important work to attend to, promising to report to Mari if he finds anything interesting. Mari then asks the Hero to stick around a bit longer, aware they they’ll have to leave soon.

As the credits roll, we see snapshots of life after the Hero’s intervention. Tony and Teo are on speaking terms again. Jowee and Mari go eat at Cookie’s Restaurant. Aly’s family is reunited and happy. Pirate Beard, Indee, and Unagi set out on their adventure. NavyJ holds his concert. The Baki Theif is revealed to be a mother who was gathering food for her children. Jowee joins Miney’s mining team along with Moe, Key, and Crazy Diggz. Mari gives Click her endorsement. Mike is shown to be a good friend to Deputy Snyder now.

Sometime after these events, Jowee meets up with Mari on the Secret Beach. Mari mentions that she feels the best whenever the Hero is around, as they make her feel like everything is going to be alright. Suddenly, Jowee turns to Mari and proposes to her. He says that he asked the Creator to design her a beautiful ring, and she accepts his proposal. In Belleview, Mike is talking to Aly about a test they had in school, when Aly asks why he decided to forgive Deputy Snyder. Mike thinks for a second and begins to tell her the story of a Hero.

Rift forest08.png Beta[edit]

As with any form of entertainment, and especially with video games, many things were planned to be a part of this game, but were not implemented in the final release. A compilation of unused and removed features from this game can be found here.


  • This is the first canon Drawn to Life game to not be developed by 5th Cell.
    • This is also the first Drawn to Life game to not have a release on cartridge.
  • A physical release of Drawn to Life: Two Realms was released in PAL regions with a download key in the box.
  • This is the first entry to see a Japanese release since the original Drawn to Life's localization from Agatsuma Entertainment, which released 12 years prior in December 2008.
  • The game was first leaked on October 22, 2020 on a Taiwanese rating site. They posted the listing for the game, along with its boxart, on their site.
    • On November 2nd, 2020, the French 505 Games YouTube channel accidentally uploaded a short, 40 second trailer for the game. The trailer was quickly set to unlisted and deleted a few hours later.
  • The game was classified twice by the Australian Classifications Board in 2020, dated September 1st AEST and December 8th AEST respectively. Both classifications gave the game a G rating.
  • Drew, the canonical name given to the Hero on the boxart of all previous games in the Drawn to Life Series, is not present in any promotional material for Drawn to Life: Two Realms.
    • This is because the Hero is whoever the player creates, and not a pre-determined hero such as Drew. [1]
  • A faint beam of light illuminates the Hero during nighttime in the village areas.
  • This is the first game in the Drawn to Life series to feature achievements, with 20 achievements available on Steam.
    • The "All the options in the world" achievement is notoriously bugged and almost impossible to get without save file modification.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]

Drawn to Life Two Realms - Announcement Trailer ESRB

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