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Welcome to the new Drawn to Life Wiki Fanon Portal

Here you can find a comprehensive guide to creating fan-related materials for the wiki as well as browse pre-existing topics.
As of now we have 419 fanon articles. Add yours today!

How to add new fan works[edit]

Anyone can create a new fanon page without extensive prior knowledge. Here are the basics to getting started!

  1. First, determine the name of the page you would like to create. The best page titles are short and descriptive.
  2. Next, create the page using the input box at the bottom of this section. Simply type in the name of the article, and hit create.
  3. Now fill out the contents for your page or start with the template below! Don't worry about perfection; you can always make edits and adjustments later. A wiki is never static.
    1. If you've never edited a wiki before, you may want to check out the editing guide, but the basics of wiki formatting can be found in the editing toolbar at the top of the editing window.
    2. You can also view the source code of any page by clicking the Edit button of that page. This is useful if you want to understand how another page was coded, or so you can copy template information.
  4. Next, add some templates! Templates are a huge part of most Wiki pages, and go a long way into making the page "pop". Templates are invoked in editing mode by typing two curly brackets around the template name (eg. {{InfoOC}}). You can view a list of all templates here, although the most common templates are infoboxes (such as {{InfoOC}} or {{Infobox/Character}}) and banners (like {{Imbox}}).
    1. For fanon pages, you'll mostly want to look into the previous linked Infobox templates, as well as {{SubTitle}} to add your name to your Fanon pages, and {{EditState}} to mark how others should interact with your page.
  5. Finally, add an edit summary, and click publish! If you'd like, you can also see a preview of the page by hitting the preview button.
  6. That's all! Enjoy your new page (or add more to it). Feel free to create as many fanon pages as you'd like, link them together, or browse other pages for inspiration. You can also include a link to your fanon article on any related canon article as long as you use the appropriate format. View the Book of Life page for an example.

Fanon page template[edit]

Copy and paste this into any blank fandom page to help you get started.

<!-- DISPLAYTITLE will replace the Fanon:PAGENAME portion of the article text with whatever you type after the first colon (:) and before the last two curly brackets (}}). The {{PAGENAME}} Magic Word inputs the article name without the page prefix. -->
<!-- This template adds a small link to your user profile as a sub-heading to the right of the article name. You can make this say anything you like, or remove it. -->
{{SubTitle|[[User:Your Username|Your Username]]}} 
<!-- This template displays a banner at the top of the page, instructing other editors how to interact with your article. Acceptable values are "Full", "Partial", and "None" -->
<!-- Now add whatever you'd like under this line! You may wish to include an infobox. If so, find a page with an infobox you like, and modify the code! -->

You may also wish to include a fanon category at the bottom of your page for organization and discoverability. Use either one of [[Category:OC]], [[Category:Theory]], [[Category:AU]], or [[Category:Fanfiction]] depending on the page type.

How to move pages from User namespace to Fanon[edit]

Moving or renaming a page is done using the "move" link in the sidebar under "Page tools." Then, enter the new name, selecting the "Fanon" namespace from the drop-down menu, and click "Move page".

This renames the page, preserves the editing history, and creates a redirect.

List of fanon pages[edit]

What follows is a list of Fanon categories. Pick a category and browse! If you would like to add a page to one of these categories, include [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] at the bottom of the respective article.

A full list of all fanon pages, irrespective of categories, can be found here.

To search within the Fanon namespace, use the Advanced options on the search page, or follow this link.

Create a place through shapes and shades[edit]

What are you waiting for? Add your own page now!

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