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Species Human
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color
Black Hair
Home Belleview
Role Villager
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) TR Logo.png
Ah Forky, we're gonna be moving beautiful crates till the end of our days.


Gary is a minor Human character featured in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. He resides at the box factory in Belleview, and works for Mr. Celek.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Gary is an adult man with light skin and black hair. His attire comprises of a blue jacket, white undershirt, black pants and brown shoes. He is always seen wearing a yellow hard hat and brown tool belt.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before the events of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Gary was infected with Shadow by Aldark. He plays no major role in the story, but by the end of the game, the Hero has presumably saved him from the Shadow.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Gary hasn't made a payment on his forklift in 3 months. That ain't right!

–Level Description

Who's Default? is an optional battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, has one segment, and takes place inside Gary's mind.


One Star (500 points): 30 Rapo-Coins
Two Stars (1500 points): 50 Rapo-Coins
Three Stars (2500 points): Robot Arm Sticker

Required Enemies[edit]

  • None

Build Mode[edit]

For this level, the player is required to place 5 toys and traverse the stage towards the exit.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

This town needs a complete overhaul.


Before completing Sleuthing Extraordinaire

All my existing contracts are on hold...


Before completing Pulled Two Ways

Had some work come through at last!


Before unlocking Who's Default?

Without new work, I don't know how I'll be able to keep my forklift!


After unlocking Who's Default? but before attempting it

Without Forky, I don't know how I'm going to get any new jobs...


After losing Who's Default?

Ah Forky, we're gonna be moving beautiful crates till the end of our days.


After winning Who's Default?


  • According to the Raposa-Human Counterpart Sheet created during development, Gary is a counterpart to Rocko[1].
    • As Rocko would later be cut during development, he is the only Belleview resident without their Raposa counterpart.
  • According to his dialogue and Imagination Battle description, Gary owns the forklift at the box factory, which he calls "Forky".

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NoteIcon.png References[edit]

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