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A depiction of the Hero as seen on the cover art for Drawn to Life: Two Realms. As the Hero is drawn by the player, there is no official design.

Hero Alpha.png
A depiction of the Hero as seen on the cover art for the earlier games in the Drawn to Life Series, named Drew by THQ.[1]

Species Mannequin
Gender N/A
(Referred to with male pronouns in some games)
Age N/A
Fur Color
Home Rapoville
Turtle Rock
Role Creation Hero
Last Known Status N/A
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
TR Logo.png
I fill this mannequin with my presence! I will add color to its frame!
And movement to its joints! Together, we will restore the village…


The Hero, also referred to as the Creation Hero, is the title given to a player's character in the Drawn to Life Series. The Hero is drawn by the Creator with the intent of creating something to face the threats the Raposa could not manage. The Hero's weapons vary in the categories of guns, swords, and claws, but they are also capable of unarmed physical attacks such as kicks and uppercuts.

In Drawn to Life levels the Hero can run, jump, and shoot, among various other things. In most levels, they are tasked to retrieve for four torn template pieces from the Book of Life, and save three Raposa hidden in each level. They use various creations drawn by the player to progress. In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, they are drawn upon an improved mannequin and are able to swim freely in water without being damaged. They are also able to transform into two new forms - Blob Form and Spider Form.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Humanoid Form[edit]

The Hero is usually depicted in official artwork as a somewhat crudely drawn boy with a sword, yellow hair, a red shirt with a lightning bolt decal, and short, blue jeans. However, The Hero's appearance is not set in stone, because in the game, they are customized to resemble anything the player desires. Due to the restraints of the areas provided, all possible designs will have a basic humanoid bone structure - a head, at least one arm, a torso, and at least one leg. The Hero is significantly larger than the Raposa and most enemies. In each game, there are multiple templates for the Hero to be chosen from should the player not want to draw their own. Some of these templates are unlocked at the beginning of each game, but many of them are unlocked through Secrets or DLC.

Blob Form[edit]

Exclusive to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is Blob Form, a transformation where the Hero turns into a spherical blob that can engulf enemies. The preset drawing for this creation is a green sphere with small bumps. This mode is slightly transparent and is not rigid, but can become rigid when holding an enemy inside it.

Spider Form[edit]

Also exclusive to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is Spider Form, a transformation where the Hero turns into a spider that can climb up walls and shoot webs. The preset drawing for this creation is a grey mechanical spider with blue pupils and blue joins.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Drawn to Life[edit]

After Mari prays to the Creator for help restoring the village, the Creator tells her to gather all the villagers around Creation Hall, but she is only able to gather Jowee. It is then that the Hero is first seen. From this point onward, the Hero joins Mari, Jowee, and Mari's father - the Mayor - in their quest to restore the Book of Life and defeat Wilfre, a cunning Raposa responsible for the state of the world. Throughout the game, the Hero must journey into four different world gates, and in each level, they must collect four pages of a Template, three kidnapped Raposa, and clean up Shadow along the way.

At the end of each gate, the Hero encounters Wilfre face to face. He taunts you for your attempts to stop him, and he sends a monster after the village, in the form of Frostwind, Deadwood, and the Angler King. At the end of the game, the Hero finally faces Wilfre head on with the Legendary Sword, the only weapon capable of killing him. After defeating Wilfre's Scorpion, the Hero and Wilfre finally fight. Wilfre is defeated here and the Hero returns to a hopeful Rapoville, watching over the villagers with the spirit of the now-deceased Mayor.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit]

This Section of Hero Contains Non-Canon Content!

In the Wii sequel, the Hero returns when many village objects go missing. The Hero is first sent into Jangala to find Zsasha, whom the villagers believe is behind the missing objects, but after helping the Monkey King rid the Treetop Village of Shadow, the villagers believe that Wilfre had returned. Now sent into Shadow City to do recon for Mari and Circi, Mari's deputy mayor, the Hero defeats Boss, a massive ink creature that Wilfre had supposedly created. After this fight, the Hero returns with Wilfre's Journal, documenting his plan to steal the Artifacts of Power to take down the Creator once and for all.

The Hero is then sent into the Icy Wastes to find the Eternal Furnace, the next Artifact of Power. As the Hero journeys deeper into the Wastes, they find that a mysterious Shadowy Figure had stolen the Furnace already. The Hero is then informed that Wilfre's Shadow army is closing in on the Tree of Ages, which held the final Artifact of Power. The Hero manages to save the Tree from the Shadow and collects the final Artifact - Branches from the Tree of Ages. However, when returning to the village, Circi reveals that she had been behind the Shadow and that Wilfre was still deceased. When Circi combines all the collected Artifacts to create the Dark Mannequin, she attempts to draw Wilfre onto it but had forgotten what he looked like, accidentally creating the Giant Scribble Monster. The Hero defeats the monster and the village is saved once more.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

When Heather goes missing and the village is thrown into chaos, Mari and Jowee attempt to call on the Hero once more, but a revived Wilfre drains the mannequin of its Color. After draining all of Rapoville's color and kidnapping some of the villagers, Mari, Jowee, and a few other survivors escape onto Turtle Rock a mobile village with its own Creation Hall. A new Hero is created and is tasked with helping the Raposa find Heather. The Hero travels to Watersong, Lavasteam, and Galactic Jungle, helping Jowee deal with both Heather and eventually Mari's disappearance, Wilfre's cunning disguises, and the truth behind their world.

Eventually, the Hero arrives at Wilfre's Wasteland and has to find the Village Orbs and Village Altars to access the Hall of Darkness. After gaining access to the Hall, the Hero goes in to defeat Wilfre once and for all. The Hero goes back to the restored Rapoville with the rest of the Raposa and Mike, the only human living in Rapoville. The Creator then wakes Mike from his coma and Mike loses perception of the Hero, along with the Raposa as he wakes.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]

Four years later, Mari asks for another Hero to help Mike in the Human realm. After giving the Hero the Book of Imagination, the Hero travels to Belleview and begins helping the villagers rid themselves of Shadow, now curtesy of Aldark instead of Wilfre. The Hero continues to travel between Belleview and Rapoville, sometimes bringing Mike with them, and helping both Humans and Raposa with their issues. The Hero eventually encounters Aldark and defeats him using the Book of Imagination. Aldark retreats and a reformed Wilfre informs the Hero that Aldark would likely return.


  • Despite being inherently genderless, they are often referred to with masculine pronouns.
  • It can be assumed that the Hero can indeed speak, seeing as the player is occasionally presented with dialogue options in certain cut scenes.
    • However, in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, all of the dialogue options presented are "yes" or "no". This could imply that this mannequin has limited speech abilities.
  • In one of the dialogue options in Drawn to Life, the Hero states they're hungry; implying that they can eat and possibly need food to survive.
    • Since these implications aren't present in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, it is unknown whether or not this applies to the Hero in that game.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, in the last level of Wilfre's Wasteland, statues of the Hero on the boxart can be found scattered around the mansion.
    • This is ironic, as Wilfre has shown many signs of hatred towards the Hero.
  • Due to the various religious referencing in the games, it is likely that the Hero is an interpretation of the biblical figure, Jesus.
  • The default Hero, Drew, bears similar resemblance to another protagonist developed by 5th Cell: Lock from the Tower Defense game Lock's Quest.
    • There is also a preset for the Hero that resembles an enemy known as a Clockwork from Lock's Quest.
  • Unlike actual spiders, the Hero's Spider Form has three legs instead of eight.
  • The template "Free Billy" in Drawn to Life: Two Realms was named by Drawn to Life: For All server member pandemonicplanet.
  • At one point during the development of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, there would have been an option for the Hero to solve levels using a partial AI system[2].
  • The June 2006 Milestone build of Drawn to Life contains templates for both Rayman and Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series.

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