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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Teenager (DTL/TNC)
Young Adult (TR)
Fur Color
Home Rapoville
Role Protagonist
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
TR Logo.png
Oh Rapo... What am I getting myself into!?


Jowee is one of the primary protagonists of the Drawn to Life series. He is very adventurous and carefree, though he can be serious if need be. After his appearance in Drawn to Life, Jowee would be given more character focus in later installments of the series, where he would become secondary protagonist to the Hero. Throughout the entire series, he is portrayed as Mari's love interest and after Drawn to Life: Two Realms, the two of them are engaged.

Jowee's personality changes over the course of the games. In the original game, Jowee was not always incredibly serious, but he loved to go on adventures. Jowee had liked Mari and was very kind, but he occasionally made mistakes that caused trouble for the village. In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Jowee started off seemingly with no goal in mind, though this changed when he learned that Mari was missing, causing him to become more serious. This change in attitude led to him taking on the role of The Hero's sidekick. He then risked his life to save Mari, which showed how devoted he truly is.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Jowee is a teenage male Raposa with orange fur. He wears a blue and white shirt and brown shorts. In addition, he also wears blue goggles, which often rest upon his head, and a red scarf with a gold bell.

Jowee's appearance, for the most part, remains consistent between games and official art. Some discrepancies, however, do exist. For example, in many official artworks, including the game box-art, Jowee is seen without shorts (Though this is likely a stylistic choice and not his actual outfit or lack thereof). This contradicts the in-game sprites and the official "Raposa Coat of Arms", which both show him wearing shorts. The latter of which even includes Jowee wearing shoes, something not seen anywhere else.

Book Icon.pngStory[edit]

Drawn to Life[edit]

Jowee is first encountered when he is woken up by Mari and the Creator. At first, he only half believes Mari when she tells him of the Creator's return, but quickly changes his mind when he hears the Creator himself and sees the Hero. When Heather is rescued from Frostwind, Jowee is assigned to watch over her by the Mayor. This leads to the two developing a close, sibling-esque, friendship.

Jowee will sometimes attempt to impress Mari. He once went about this by running into a level, forcing The Hero to retrieve him. Later it is pointed out that he only wanted to get a flower for Mari. Jowee usually has good intentions, but can still be fairly reckless. At the end of the game, Indee and Pirate Beard invite Jowee to go on an adventure with them. Mari tells him that he should not refuse since it is his lifelong dream. In the end, however, he decides to stay with her.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit]

This Section of Jowee Contains Non-Canon Content!

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Jowee is given a more primary role. When items are stolen, Jowee believes that Zsasha is behind their disappearance. He also believes that Zsasha has gone off to Jangala. Jowee goes with The Hero to Jangala in order to try and find Zsasha and bring back the items. Jowee and The Hero then find Zsasha has been held captive by a Monkey King. Jowee's theory is proven wrong when Mari realizes Zsasha didn't take the items. Mari then suspects that Wilfre had returned and stole the items. She then sends Jowee and The Hero to Shadow City, to see if they can find Wilfre. They find Wilfre's journal, which holds a plan to destroy The Creator. The plan requires branches from the Tree of Ages and the Eternal Furnace, along with a pen and pencil and the mask they got from the Monkey King to stop Wilfre. Jowee and The Hero are then sent to Icy Wastes, in order to find the Eternal Furnace. Soon the group hear from Galileo that the Tree of Ages is in trouble, so The Hero and Jowee go to the Eastern Winds. They save the tree, and get the branches. After Circi reveals that she was with Wilfre all along, her monster fills the village with Shadow and kills her. The Hero then defeats it, and Jowee says he doesn't want to go on adventures as often anymore.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Jowee is again given a more primary role. He becomes second protagonist to The Hero after Mari's departure. As the game progresses, he goes through a significant change in attitude and adapts to the role of a leader and a helpful guide. Much to the reluctance of the rest of the villagers, Jowee insists on searching for his missing friend. When he and the rest of the group arrive at Wilfre's Wasteland, he confronts Mari, who finally joins back with her village. During the final battle, the Raposa pray for The Hero.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]


BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Jowee just wants to be included. Show him a flippin' good time!

–Level Description

Jowee's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named Jowee's Next Adventure. It is the sixth story level in the game, and has three segments. After returning to Rapoville and escaping the Shadows, the Hero reports back to Mari. However, Jowee overhears their conversation and is upset that she didn't include him in her plans to help Mike. Jowee then challenges the Hero to an Imagination Battle to prove himself.


Build Mode[edit]

In Build Mode, the player is given a Bounce, a Megamini, and a Spring. One possible solution is to place the Bounce underneath the wall jump platforms, place the Megamini on the hovering platform, and place the Spring anywhere where it wont get in the way.

You hit it out of the park!

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
Aldark Appears
Next Level
Scone Scarf Settlement

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Huh? ...What's going on??
Hey Mari... I was just taking a nap...


The Creator? That's crazy! The Creator hasn't spoken to anyone in years...


I'm with Mari... We should at least give The Creator a chance!


Maybe we should listen to your pop... It's Isaac's daughter!


Mari! Wait...!
Oh Rapo... What am I getting myself into!?


Uh... I'm still here...
Maybe you should ask The Creator for help?


Mari... Look at all these books...


When Jowee enters the Creation Hall for the first time.

Who the Rapo said that?!


When The Creator says "The Mayor is in Danger".

Wow! The Creator spoke! Mari, you weren't kidding!


Wow! The mannequin came to life!!


Hi Hero... nice to meet you!


Well, Hero... Show us what you can do!


Who the Rapo are you!?


Jowee when meeting Wilfre for the first time.

Oooh! That Wilfre!


We should go find your dad... He'll know what to do.
The village entrance is blocked by darkness...
We could use The Village Snow Gate to get there...


Yeah, it's northwest of here. Just follow the path until it ends!


Jowee explaining to the Hero where the Snow Gate is.

Just walk up to the gate and push it open!


Jowee explaining to the Hero how the gate works.

I don't want to hear about the Snow Fields... They were probably... *sigh*


So... Hero what do you think of Mari? She's a cool Rapo eh?
... forget I said anything.


Hero I was wondering if I could come with you on your next adventure...
ya know like a sidekick?


I still think the creator should have drawn a giant reflecter dish...


A whale?! And you didn't let me come?!
You've gotta let me come with you on your next adventure!


I need to find Mari a gift! Better than what Isaac found...


Uhh... Something is missing from my House...
It's a flow-
Hi Mari!


Jowee about to tell The Mayor about the missing flower but being put off when Mari enters.

You know I could have helped with Deadwood!


Rapo! A pirate ship!


After the docks are cleared.

You can do it, Mari! You're The Mayor now.. only you can do it.


You can do it, Hero!


Jowee right before Wilfre is fought.

You're amazing, Hero...


After Wilfre is defeated.

It's not your fault Mari! It's Wilfre's and you know it is!


I can't believe I dropped the pendant!


Jowee before the Hero finds Heather's pendant in Forgotten Library.

Yeah, it was no problem for a trained adventurer like me.


Jowee upon the return of the Promise Conch.

I don't do baby stuff...


Jowee when asked by Miles to go play.

Oh, I'm sorry... it's just when someone comes in I always expect it to be...


Jowee after Mari goes missing

All right an adventure!


Wow... Nice diggz. I bet our whole village could live there and there would still be plenty of room!


Jowee commenting on Rose's mansion

Hey! Get back to work!


I couldn't go without you...


. . .And when it's done, we'll have another crazy story to tell our ki-


Go on, maybe they know something about Mari or Heather!
Me? I, uh... I'm shy. And definitely not afraid of him.


Jowee telling the hero to talk to Kaihe

There's gotta be some reason they don't want us to meet the council... And I have a hunch of who's behind it.


Jowee being suspicious of Click

If this is outer space... where are all the stars?
Sigh... The last ime I saw the stars was when I was on the moonlit deck with Mari.
Hero, I don't suppose you could return the color to the heavens?


Jowee asking the Hero to restore color to the stars.

I know it's stupid, but let's just go along with this.
This is ab-----solutely the last time!


Jowee going along with Click's demands to activate the generators.

Mari I know you did what you thought was right... but now it's time to do.. what is really right...


An adventure! At last! Are you ready to go, Hero? I'm comin' with!


It's Zsasha's mask! What's this doing here? I've never seen Zsasha without it!
We need to return to the village and tell Mari. I think this is... a clue!


Upon finding Zsasha's mask in Jangala Floor.

I know! Crazy, right?! Maybe he stole his own mask! Wait... that doesn't make sense.
Maybe the bridge stole HIM! Nah... still doesn't make sense.


Jowee trying to figure out why Zsasha's mask was in Jangala Floor and who is stealing from the village.

That monkey tail is awesome! With it, you can swing through the jungle and find Zsasha!


Jowee commenting on The Hero's new tail in Jangala Climb.

Those don't look like Raposa tracks. Those look like... your tracks, Hero! You're the thief! I knew it!
Oh, wait... Those are from earlier. But here are the thief's tracks. And they aren't Raposa, either!
They look like monkey tracks! Let's get to the bottom of this... monkey business! I've always wanted to say that.


After Farmer Brown points out muddy footprints leading to Jangala Gate.

You know, no one has seen the Monkey King in years. What if he doesn't WANT visitors?


Shadow Labyrinth. That does NOT sound like a place I want to go to.


WHAT? SERIOUSLY? You're kidding, right?!
But, but... I... Oh, Rapo. Ok. I'll do it.


Jowee upon being told to go to Wilfre's Lair.

Hey! Come back here when I'm yelling at you!


Jowee after seeing a shadowy figure in the level Shadow Palace

Oh, Rapo. You want me to go with Hero, don't you?


It's n..n..not so b..b..bad.


Jowee when it begins to snow in the village.

What the Rapo? That gear head will never survive out there! He doesn't even have fur!


Upon hearing that Mike went to go find the Eternal Furnace in the Icy Gates.

Thanks, Mike. For someone with short ears you're not so weird after all!


Upon Mike discovering the location of the Eternal Furnace.

The Creator drew wings once before! Maybe we can get help again!


Jowee referencing the Wings creation from the first game.

Wow! Flying is amazing! Let's head back to the village to see where we go next.


Jowee commenting on The Hero's new Wings in Sky Arch Mountains.

Whew! I never knew all this adventuring could be such hard work!


So much for taking a break!


Oooh! That Wilfre! And I was really looking forward to attending that feast too!


Whew! Those last few shadow creatures were pretty tough!
Those must be the last of them, right? Please say I'm right...


Jowee after the completion of The Drifting Isles

Did she just call Wilfre her "snookums?"


Jowee after hearing Circi call Wilfre her "snookums".

Oh, Rapo! I can't believe we fell for her act!


Jowee after seeing Circi's true colors.

We were all fooled, but at least the village is safe, right? Because you led us, Mayor Mari.


All we can do, Mari. Stick by our friends and try to live good lives.
And have great parties once in a while. Those are the only adventure I want for a loooooong time.
Come on. I think Cookie still has a feast waiting for us!


After Mari asks what the Raposa should do.

Our celebration is bittersweet, but our adventure has been grand, don't you think?



  • Jowee is one of a few characters to have a canon voice, being voiced by David J Franco.
  • Jowee is featured on the Raposa Coat of Arms. Here, he is shown wearing shorts and shoes.
  • Both Jowee and the Hero are the only characters to appear on box art of all the main Drawn to Life games, not counting Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition.
  • Jowee is 5th Cell's second mascot after Scribblenauts' Maxwell.
  • Jowee's name is likely a derivative of Saint Joseph.
    • Jowee may also be named after the game's executive producer, Joseph Tringali.
  • Jowee is one of four characters to sing in the series. The others being Mari, Rose and Heather.
  • Jowee's Imagination Battle includes the tutorial for wall jumping.
  • According to an interview with Jeremiah Slaczka, Jowee is around 19 years old.
  • As of the end of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Jowee works for Miney.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]

Jowee unknowingly starting the village snowball fight.

Jowee searching for Mari

Jowee and Sock talk on Turtlerock





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Jowee biting into a dry Banya stalk











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Jowee Sleeping (inhale)

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Jowee Sleeping (exhale)