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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color
Home Lavasteam
Role Chief Engineer
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
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It'll take more than a few Bakis to stop a chief engineer such as myself.


Key is a headstrong Raposa in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter who is the chief engineer of Lavasteam and the creator of the Robosa. Later, Key assists The Hero in shutting down the Robosa.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Key is an adult, orange furred Raposa. He wears reflective blue goggles, a blue hat, and overalls with a white undershirt. He is often seen holding a wrench. His sprites also show him with a bit of facial hair.

HeartSmall Small.png Personality[edit]

Key is shown to be very intelligent, as he designed all the Robosa himself and as shown by his refined and posh way of speaking to others. He is brave too, as he is willing to fight a Baki himself, being some of the few Raposa who is shown to be capable of fighting. He is also shown to be charitable, as he suggests that the house in the Lavasteam District of Rapoville be used for someone who is homeless.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Key is the chief engineer of Lavasteam and invents the Robosa to work side by side with the Raposa so they do not have to work as hard. After Miney proclaims himself king, he enslaves everyone, including the Robosa, to do his bidding for him and work even harder to mine banya crystals.

Key, along with some other mechanics, relocate to the Magma Flow Factory to look at a technical problem there. The Hero, Jowee, and Sock search Key out after being given a train pass to the next district by Moe. However, the color disappears while Key is in the factory. The Hero later finds Key examining some beat-up Robosa in the factory, commenting on how they were not able to withstand Miney’s torture.

After finding out Moe has made it safely out of the mines, Key goes to meet up with him to discuss how to “resolve this conundrum”. He explains to the Hero, Jowee, and Moe that he created the Robosa with a fail-safe, and that there is a switch near the Lava Flow Factory. However, it can only be accessed with a special key that Miney has hidden in the Clock Tower.

As they start to look for the key, Miney catches them and orders the Robosa to send them to the dungeon in the Clock Tower. Key warns Miney about the Robosa being not being able to withstand the overload of commands, but Miney does not trust him and sends them all into the Clock Tower, except for Jowee, who escapes to get help. Key is found fighting a Baki with his wrench, and is rescued by the Hero after they kill it. He later tells the Hero he could have taken it on himself.

After exiting the Clock Tower, Miney tries to get the Robosa to stop the newly freed prisoners, but due to overloading the Robosa with commands, they malfunction. Key formulates a new plan: the Hero will get the mold for a new key in the “(very dangerous) Clockwork Assembly” while Key finds the other materials. After making the key, Key asks the Hero to pull the switch, which turns off every Robosa, except for the Giant Robosa, a new Robosa still in its prototype phase invented by Key, which is outside of the control of the switch. Salem manages to sneak into the volcanic core and activates the Giant Robosa manually. It then starts to tear the Core apart. Key warns the Hero about the Giant Robosa, and tells the Hero how to destroy it if the Hero talks to him before the fight.

After the Giant Robosa is destroyed, Key comments on how he got carried away creating it and apologizes. He then tells the Hero that he will always be of service to them.

In Two Realms, he is mostly absent from the story, with his interactions mainly revolving around the house in the Lavasteam District and a new Robosa design.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

These machines are all beat up.
These Robosa were not built for this. How could I let this happen...
Hey you! Don't just stand there. Give me a hand!
You say you are here to rescue me?!
Hmmph. Not that I really need rescuing... But since you are here...
The way out of the factory is through this door.
It's a bit dangerous, but I'll meet you in the village when you are done.


When encountered in Magma Flow Factory.

It'll take more than a few Bakis to stop a chief engineer such as myself.


After encountering a Baki in Clockwork Tower.

Ah! Moe is back? Very good news, I will go see them now.
Come, Hero. We shall meet back in town to discuss the best means to resolve this conundrum.


Upon hearing of Moe's return.

I was just telling them of my rescue... All thanks to you!


Hum... I created The Robosa with a fail-safe. The Robosa Control Switch, located near The Lava Flow Factory.


Key figuring out how to stop the Robosa.

Well... it's not that simple. I also created a key, necessary to access the switch.
We considered it prudent.


Key explaining why the switch can't just be flipped.

Uh... Miney has the key.


Alright, let's find The Robosa Control Key!


Miney! Snap out of it! You've gone mad!
The Robosa were not designed to handle all this work! You're overloading them!


Key before being sent to the dungeon.

Stay back! I got a wrench and I know how to use it!


Upon coming across a Baki in the dungeon.

Hey! I was just going to show that Baki who's boss.
It'll take more than a few Bakis to stop a Chief Engineer such as myself.


Upon The Hero defeating the Baki.

Well anyway, I have a plan to stop The Robosa once and for all. Let's get out of this dungeon and end this madness.


A malfunctioning Robosa is quite dangerous... We should formulate a new plan.


Upon The Robosa malfunctioning.

We can make another key.
The key itself was not complicated... but I need the materials.


Hero, I will gather the materials needed to make the key.
In exchange, you must find the mold in the (very dangerous) Clockwork Assembly.
It's the small round building near the factory, marked building 7.
Once I have the mold, I can create a new key at any time.
I shall wait for you at The Control Switch by the factory.


It seems we are at an impasse here. Until we restore color to the switch, I will be unable to activate it.
If you would, please restore the pigmentation to this device.


There it is! The mold I require! Pardon me while I go to forge this immediately.
It is complete! Here is the key.
Hero, flip the switch!


Oh dear, that cannot be to specification.


Upon feeling the ground shake from The Giant Robosa.

You mean the Giant Robosa? Don't tell me...


It's still in prototype phase though! If we allow it to continue like this, who knows what it will do?


Upon hearing that The Giant Robosa is destroying the factory.

The Giant Robosa is still just a prototype, so you should be able to stop it, with the right strategy.
While it is extremely durable on the outside, it is irritable and rash. Dodge its clumsy attacks and counter.
Perhaps if you hit its hands enough, you can goad it into opening up a weakness for you.


Key telling The Hero how to beat the Giant Robosa

Affirmative, you're talking to the Rapo who invented that crazy Giant Robosa!


Key agreeing that everyone got carried away.

You have my most sincere apologies for involving you in our own village's problems.
If ever I may be of service to you on your endeavors, do not hesitate to request it!


Key after the Giant Robosa is defeated

Production rates are down... Should we implement unpaid overtime?


A line he says in TR

Still waiting for Mari to authorize me to fix that abandoned house...


Key talking about a house he wants to repair

Wonder if we could use that old house for anyone that doesn't have a home.


Key thinking of ways to use that house

Hm, this Robosa design is still just spilling oil everywhere...


Key's prelevel line

I got it! If I manipulate the five gear to turn counter clockwise...


What he says after victory

You caught me at a bad time. I'm still trying to figure out this Robosa design


What he says if you fail


  • Key's character may be a reference to Lock's Quest, another game developed by 5th Cell. Lock, the main character of Lock's Quest, is also an engineer and fights robots.
  • In his sprites, it appears he sports a mustache.
    • Unlike his concept art, where he has a beard instead.
  • If the player talks to Key before fighting the boss, he will give advice on how to beat the Giant Robosa.
  • His German name is Schlüssel, which are German words for key, wrench and clef. Which is fitting since he has a wrench.
    • In the German version of TR his name is Dietrich, which means "Lockpick" along with "Keeper of the Keys" and "Ruler of the People"
  • His French name, Clé, are also the French words for key, wrench and clef
    • In the French version of TR, his name is Zique, which is a French word for "Music".
  • His name in Traditional Chinese is 小奇 (Xiao Qi) Xiao meaning small and Qi meaning unique.

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