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Mayor Miney
Population 18
Specialization Mining
Creations Cave Monster
Number 2
Levels 9
Sections 2
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
Last Village
Next Village
Galactic Jungle

Lavasteam is the second village visited in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. It is ruled by King Miney and its main product is Banya Crystals. Before the events of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Miney was the mayor of Lavasteam. Salem (who was Wilfre in disguise) arrived at the village and made Miney his puppet. He made Miney king and used the Robosa to force the villagers to mine Banya Crystals instead of helping them. When The Hero, Jowee, and Sock arrived at Lavasteam, they discovered this and destroyed the Giant Robosa, restoring peace in the village.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

Miney used to be a kind mayor who always cared for his village. However, when Wilfre arrived, disguised as Salem, he told Miney that soon his brother and head worker, Key, would betray them. He also mentioned Lavasteam itself would fail because of his kindness and in order to stop this, Miney would have to enslave the villagers with robots called the Robosa and force them to mine for Banya Crystals.

After Mari left Turtle Rock, The Hero, Jowee, and Sock arrive, and are thrown into a mine to find some crystals. While the attempt to rescue Mari failed, a mechanic named Moe was found instead and returned to the village. He told the team about Miney, and guided them to the next part of Lavasteam to find Key. Key is an engineer who could turn off the Robosa because he was the one who invented them. He was rescued and he explained that in order to turn them off, they would have to find the (object) key that would do the job. They were then caught and imprisoned in The Clocktower, but they eventually broke out. Unfortunately, Miney's key fell into a lava pit and broke, causing the Robosa to go mad. Key told them that he could make another key, but he would need the materials. After The Hero retrieved the materials, the switch that would have turned the Robosa off was flipped, but instead of doing what was intended, it revived the Giant Robosa that began to attack the village. Miney found out about Wilfre's real aims and apologized to the village. He was forgiven by the villagers. Then The Hero defeated The Giant Robosa and went back on the Turtle Rock with the other original Raposa villagers. They then sail to continue the adventure at Galactic Jungle.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]

Although not appearing in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Lavasteam has a district established in Rapoville. During the game, Jowee and the Hero search for Mike in the district. Key tells Jowee that he hasn't seen him, when King Miney intercepts Jowee and the Hero, trying to get them to work in the mines for him. After the Hero uses the Book of Imagination on Miney, he tells them that he saw Mike heading towards the Galactic Jungle district.

During the day, Key, Moe, and King Miney can be found in the district. At night, a Fire Baki and Carrier Robot can be found in the district.

AButton.png Levels[edit]

  1. Crystal Caverns
  2. Mine Cart Mayhem
  3. Rocky Railroad
  4. Lava Reservoir (Cookie.gif can be rescued here)
  5. Magma Flow Factory
  6. Molten River (Choco Idle.gif can be rescued here)
  7. Robosa Foundry (Farmer brown.gif can be rescued here)
  8. Clockwork Tower
  9. Volcanic Core

JoweeThumbSmall.png Residents[edit]

King miney.gif






Crazy diggs dance.gif
Crazy Diggz


Th boy.gif
Farmer Brown's Son [1]











*Only in Drawn to Life: Two Realms

Attack Axe.png Boss[edit]

The Giant Robosa is the boss of Lavasteam, and is fought in the Volcanic Core.


  • In Version 1.0 of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Lavasteam was incorrectly called Lavastream, with an "r".
  • Lavasteam was the first world made for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.
    • According to Edison Yan, the original concept was too dark and busy for the main set of characters.
  • As seen in an early draft for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Lavasteam was originally called "Clockwork Cavern Isle."
  • Originally, Lavasteam was planned to have a third page/part. It is was scrapped due to scope issues.
  • Right after the Robosa lose control, both Jowee and Sock can be seen on both sides of the village.
  • Lavasteam may represent the second of the four noble truths of Buddhism, being, "greed, pride and the loss of a loved one" showing how King Miney feared he would be betrayed by his brother, Moe, and forced Lavasteam to turn into a giant mine.
  • As stated by Pirate Beard and supported by other villager quotes, Watersong and Lavasteam may geographically be close to each other.
  • Lavasteam is the only two-page village to not have a known name for either page.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]

  1. Brown's Son.png