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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Elder
Fur Color
Home Rapoville
Role Protagonist
(Former) Mayor
Last Known Status Deceased
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

The villagers are what's important now!


The Mayor is an old Raposa who was the seventh mayor of Rapoville. He is the father of Mari and wished to train her to be the best mayor in Rapoville after him.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

The Mayor is an Raposa with orange fur that has a white moustache and a white pair of eyebrows. The Mayor is wearing a brown bowler hat and his clothes consist of a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath and grey pants. He is commonly seen holding a wooden cane.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before the events of Drawn to Life, The Mayor is known to have eventually reached the time where it was his job to become the leader of the village. He babysat Indee when Indee's father went on adventures.

When Mari was born, The Mayor took good care of her as his daughter. Soon, she made best friends with Jowee. Jowee didn't have any parents, which led to The Mayor being the closest fatherly figure he had.

The Mayor was very protective over the Book of Life and defended it. However, he was fooled by Wilfre who went into Creation Hall, stole the Book of Life, and later tore up the pages.

The Mayor watched the village fall until only him, Mari and Jowee were left in Rapoville.

Drawn to Life[edit]

In Drawn to Life, the Mayor is first seen trying to convince Isaac and Mya, Isaac's wife, to stay in the village. They leave due to depression of losing their daughter, Cindi. She had been kidnapped by Wilfre.

The Mayor didn't believe Mari when she told him that The Creator had spoken to her, so he abandoned the village and left to go to the Snow Fields in order to find Isaac and Mya. When The Hero rescues him, The Mayor regrets not believing in Mari and returns to the village. The Mayor then takes it upon himself to rescue the village from the Darkness. Throughout the game, he works with The Hero to save the village and defeat Wilfre.

After The Hero defeats Frostwind, The Mayor announces that Mari will be the next mayor. He says that she must begin her training to do so, and that a festival will be held to celebrate.

Mari's reluctance to sort out the village annoyed The Mayor intensely. When she was assigned to help him book a village meeting, she had forgot which led to her yelling at her father about how she shouldn't be the next mayor. After their argument, The Mayor felt guilty and decided to talk to her after Wilfre was defeated. While taking a walk near the forest gate, he was ambushed by Wilfre. Wilfre killed him in order to obtain the Book of Life and tear the creations to shreds.

At the end of the game The Mayor is shown to be a spirit alongside The Hero, watching over the village together.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit]

The Mayor doesn't make any appearances in-person, although he does appear in the recap segment of the first cutscene, in two paintings in Mari's House, and as a bust outside of Village Hall. He is also mentioned by Mari throughout the game.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

In Wilfre's Wasteland, when The Hero is left by themselves, The Mayor returns to guide them on destroying the barrier around Wilfre's castle. Once The Hero accomplishes this, The Mayor isn't seen again. Strangely, the Mayor does not appear transparent or show any other ghostly features

Quote Icon.pngQuotes[edit]

I understand... but we should go out together.


Before Isaac and his wife leave the village.

Oh Mari! And Jowee! I'm glad you're here.
Isaac's daughter went missing! They just left to go search for her.


Young Rapo, you've been talking about The Creator for months now... Let it go.


Upon Mari telling him The Creator spoke to her.

Mari... stop... We have more important things to worry about.


Mari! Stop with this nonsense!!
The Creator abandoned us a long time ago! The villagers are what's important now!


Who are you?!
Oh? ...A Creation Hero? So The Creator is back!
I was such a fool for not listening to Mari...
We should get back to the village... It's dangerous here!


Upon being rescued by The Hero.

All thanks to Hero... I'm sorry for leaving when I did.
I didn't catch up with Isaac or his wife...
I hope they're ok...


Upon returning to the village.

Hero, I found something in the Snow Fields that might help you...
It's a snowshooter page for The Book of Life...
The Creator can draw it for you!


You can aim using the +control pad.
Hero, you'll also see torn pages from The Book of Life in the Snow Fields...
You'll need to collect four of them to exit The Level Gate...
Please hurry, Isaac and his family need your help!


The Mayor explaining controls and templates to The Hero.

I can't believe Wilfre is still alive... After what he did to The Book of Life...


Wilfre... He's the cause of this mess!


Oh... It was many years ago...
Several years before you were born, in fact...
Wilfre was a respected member of this village.
Always the center of attention...
Wilfre questioned why it was forbidden... design our own creations. The Book of Life.
He told me that it could be done better...
What a fool I was...
for underestimating what he was capable of...
Wilfre snuck into Creation Hall...
and stole The Book of Life.
He took the book back to his house.
and drew inside the pages...
but the creations came out twisted and black.
It wasn't long before I discovered his scheme...
We confronted him...
and in a furious rage...
he tore the pages from The Book of Life.
tossing them into the wind...
We surrounded him and grabbed the book
but Wilfre escaped, and fled the village
The Creator grieved over the loss..
and sealed Creation Hall...
and we were left to fend for ourselves.
I locked what remained of the book away...
but it was too late
The sun grew dim...
The moon and stars faded away...
and finally The Eternal Flame...
flickered and died out...
A creeping shadow grew at the edge of our town.
and everyone left, in search of a new home.
All because of Wilfre...


The Mayor explaining who Wilfre is.

Now I see... the lost pages...
In order to restore our village we need to collect those pages!


The Creator has given us a new hero.
And you... my dear Mari... have given us all hope.


So Isaac's shop is free of the darkness? I guess he's here to stay now!


Excellent work... I've been doing some thinking...
We had such a vibrant village before the sun disappeared...
If The Creator could design a new sun, then perhaps more villagers would return!
Hrmm... Through The Village Snow Gate, and into The Snow Caves you go!


The Mayor prompting The Hero to recover the Sun page.

Just as I remember it... I'm surprised Jowee isn't first in line!


After Cookie's Sign is completed.

It's such a relief to see everyone out and about! The snow is melting too!


You both give me an idea... We should have a village snowball fight!
Hero versus everyone!


After seeing Mari and Jowee throw snowballs at each other.

Now now... It is a bit sunny out... but let's not overreact.


The Mayor's reaction to the village heatwave.

If it isn't good ole Tubba!


Upon Tubba's return.

Hero, look! It's raining!


Can you go thank Mari? After all, it was her idea to get the raincloud page!


Each mayor, approaching the end of their life, would record The Village's history.
Then cam Wilfre... And with Creation Hall sealed off...
I figured I would never have a chance to record my story.
I'm glad you found it.


I've spoken with Isaac, Cookie, and Farmer Brown...
With their endorsement, I've decided it's time for you to start your training...
Seven generations of our family have led this village...
You'll be the eighth... And a fine mayor you'll make!


The Mayor telling Mari that she will start training to be mayor.

I still have some years to go! But eventually someone will need to take my place...


That's my lil Rapo!
We'll hold a festival soon to celebrate...
The festival has been a tradition since before your Rapoppy was mayor!


We have a major problem on our hands! Frostwind is awake!
You can hear it roar from here...
Legend says it sleeps on Snowy-Snow Mountain, just past Snow Lake.
It's only a mattter of time before if breaks through the World Gate!.
Please hurry! You need to stop it before if gets here!


It looks like a Raposa...


Reffering to Heather on her rescue.

Where did you pick up that strange lil Rapo?


Her name is Heather? What a strange name...


I think she likes you!


If you're going to stay in the village, you need to behave yourself.


Alright then, Jowee will keep an eye on you from now on.


We'll hold the festival soon... I need to arrange some music...


Very good!
Hero, we need some time to prepare for the Village Festival!
Why don't you explore the eastern part of our village?


The Twilite Wood stretches high into the sky!
You won't get very far without some wings...
Ah! Here you go... Right from The Book of Life, a template for wings!
Creator, would you design them?


Those wings should work well!
One word of advice... Your snowballs won't be of any use in the twilite wood.
You should speak with Isaac and see what he can do with your snowshooter and ammo.


We're glad to have you back Jowee!


Look at the sparkling stars! Now it'll be much easier for everyone to get some sleep.


So tell me all about the Twilite Wood...


The Mayor after The Hero returns from Twilite Wood

Very Strange...


Upon the disappearance of Jowee's Flower.

Just a short time ago... with an empty grey sky and snow on the ground...
I was outside... wondering when the end would come...
Darkness was everywhere and everyone was gone...
It was then I stopped believing...
I actually left the village... and I wouldn't be here today...
if it wasn't for Mari...
She never lost faith...
And because of her, The Creator sent a hero to save our village.
It's my pleasure to officially start her training as Mayor...
to take my place, when the time comes...
Mari, could you come on stage?


The Mayor's speech at the festival.

You must build the great world structures and place the orbs to break Wilfre's seal.
You must restore the color and stop Wilfre before it's too late!



  • According to Joseph Tringali, the Mayor was never given a proper name in production.
  • The Mayor incorrectly calls Icy Lake "Snow Lake" at some point in the game.
  • He wears a monocle over his right eye in the European and Korean boxart. In the American and Japanese boxart, the monocle is over his left eye.
    • This is most likely caused by The Mayor's art being flipped.
  • A grave for The Mayor can be found in Lock's Quest.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]