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Species Human
Gender Male
Age Teen[1]
Fur Color
No Fur
Blonde Hair
Home Rapoville (Formerly)
Turtle Rock (Formerly)
Role Protagonist
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
TR Logo.png

Not to be confused with Mick.

Either I wake up, or this is about to get REAL weird.


Michael Robert Row[2], more commonly known as Mike, is a Human that was trapped in the Raposa realm due to a car crash. Once in the Raposa world, he was captured by Wilfre and trapped in Rapocity. After being saved by the Hero, Mike went on to live in Rapoville with the rest of the Raposa. Eventually, when Wilfre was revived, Mike was once of the few villagers to not be kidnapped and board Turtle Rock. He would travel with Jowee and the rest of the survivors, eventually docking at Wilfre's Wasteland. He stayed with Jowee and the villagers while the Hero fought Wilfre again, even praying to the Creator to give the Hero strength. Afterwards, when Wilfre was defeated, the Creator used the power of the Eternal Flame to wake Mike from his coma, returning him to the human realm.

As he woke up in his hometown of Belleview, he was slowly returned to full health. He learned that unfortunately, both of his parents had passed, so he and his sister - Heather - moved in with Uncle Owen. At the funeral, Mike unknowingly watched as Aldark began his conquest of Belleview. Over the next four years, Mike made a full recovery. After returning to full health, Mike was brought back into Rapoville when Mike was made aware of Aldark's scheme. Unconvinced that he was awake, he and the Hero travelled back and forth between realms, culminating with Mike confronting both Deputy Snyder - the other driver involved in his parent's accident - and Aldark. After these confrontations, Mike returned to a normal life in Belleview.

HeartBig Small.png Personality[edit]

Mike's personality isn't deeply looked into in the first two games. It is explained that he is nice, according to what the Raposa have said. He is shown to have a lot of faith in people, seeing as he is the only character on Turtle Rock who didn't go straight to giving up when Wilfre threw Heather's Pendant away into the ocean. He is shown to be caring and capable of understanding different perspectives, as he did consider Wilfre's intentions in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter to be decent. In Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Mike is shown to be compassionate to those in his community, specifically Aly. He is the main interest of Aldark and due to the crash, he shows resentment towards Deputy Snyder, the driver of the other vehicle. Throughout the game, he is the only character besides the Hero known to be able to travel between realms.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Mike is a young human boy with spiky blonde hair. He wears a grey jacket, a white t-shirt, blue pants and sneakers. He has blue eyes.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before Drawn to Life[edit]

Mike grew up in Belleview with her parents and older sister, Heather. Eventually, a travelling carnival was invited to visit the town, so the family went to visit. While at the carnival, the kids had won two plush animals resembling Mari and Jowee. On their way home, a heavy storm began, and that, along with an unpaved road and some reckless driving, caused a major car accident between the family and Deputy Snyder, killing Mike's parents, severely injuring Heather, and putting Mike in a coma.

This Section of Mike Contains Non-Canon Content!

In later prints of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter and in all prints of Drawn to Life Collection, this story was changed. Mike's family was camping in the woods, when Mike began to climb a tree to catch fireflies. However, the tree branch he was on began to snap, and he fell to the ground, passing out. After the events of the games occur, Mike wakes up from the Raposa world and contines camping. The events of Drawn to Life: Two Realms do not follow these events.

Drawn to Life[edit]

Now in a comatose state and holding onto his memory of the Jowee doll, Mike was transported to the Raposa realm, now appearing older. He was eventually captured by Wilfre and is left in Rapocity, where the Hero finds him and two RapoKids. The four of them return to Rapoville, where Mike is introduced to Mari, who asks what happened to his ears. Mike responds that nothing is wrong with his ears and that he doesn't know where he is. He then leaves to see the Mayor, who welcomes Mike into the village. Mike is convinced that he is dreaming, and begins to wonder when he'll wake up.

After Wilfre is defeated, he meets with Dr. Cure, who examines his human ears, remarking that she's never seen anything like them. She then refers him to Isaac, saying that Isaac could probably make him a set of fake ears. She promises to keep researching his ears, annoying Mike and prompting him to walk away.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit]

This Section of Mike Contains Non-Canon Content!

During the events of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Mike becomes the technician of the village and is in charge of maintaining the Lighthouse. During the first half of the game, Mike is away on unknown business. However, when the Hero and Jowee are exploring The Baldy Slopes, Mike returns to Rapoville. Mari explains the events that have happened thus far, and tells him that Jowee and the Hero are searching for the Eternal Furnace. After this, Mike runs off into the Icy Wastes, and the Hero must rescue him.

When Jowee and the Hero find him using the Frozenini, he seems to be unaffected by the cold. He tells the two that he had a dream that he would find the Furnace if he sought it out. The three return to the village and Mike marks the location of the Furnace on their map. After this, Mike will stand outside the lighthouse on the far left side of the village. He does not offer any sort of challenges for the player. He can be talked to and will typically make programming jokes or tell the Hero about how welcoming the Raposa were to him. He typically ends his talks with "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

Mike is present when Wilfre returns to drain Color from Rapoville and kidnap the villagers. Mike is one of the few people to not be kidnapped, and as the color drains from Rapoville, he escapes onto Turtle Rock. Mike stays on the ship, helping the group move forward while they search for Heather, whom Wilfre had kidnapped. While the group is docked in Lavasteam, Mike tries to explore the village, but is ambushed by Robosa, so he runs back to the ship until the end of the game.

When the group arrives at Wilfre's Wasteland, Mike watches as Jowee asks the Creator to restore color to the world. Wilfre then kidnaps Jowee to explain why Mari defected to his side earlier in the game. This kidnapping scares Mike, and the others, back onto Turtle Rock, where they wait until right before the final battle with Wilfre. After Jowee is released from the Hall of Darkness, he continues to stand up to Wilfre. When Mike asks him what Wilfre showed him, Jowee simply deflects the question. Later, Mari leads the group of Turtle Rock villagers in prayer, which helps the Hero defeat Wilfre and save Heather.

The group then returns to Rapoville, where Mari asks the Creator to use the Eternal Flame to send Mike home. Mike asks one last time what Wilfre showed Mari and Jowee, and Mari reveals that Wilfre "showed me you, Mike." The Raposa then begin to disappear, and Mike begins waking up from his coma. In the Raposa realm, Mike can still be seen sleeping in Jowee's Room, implying that the Raposa world lived on after he woke up.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]

This was confirmed in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, where both realms co-exist, explained by Mike still having memories of the Raposa. In the four years since waking from his coma, Mike learned that his parents had passed, so he and Heather move in with Uncle Owen, their uncle. During his parent's funeral, Mike unknowingly watches Aldark begin to infect the citizens of Belleview, as everyone begins to fight. Also during these years, Mike grows closer to his classmate Aly, and the two become good friends. He began to have dreams about the Raposa, but none where they spoke.

Mike is next seen by the Hero when Tony steals his scooter. Using the Book of Imagination, the Hero is able to cure him of Aldark and return Mike's scooter. Mike then introduces the Hero to Heather, and the Hero cures her of Aldark as well. Later that night, Mike is ambushed by a group of Minimus and Maximus. The Hero decides to use the Book of Imagination to bring Mike back to Rapoville, where he reunites with the Raposa. Mari and Jowee take him into Village Hall, where they explain that the Shadow was expelled into the Human realm, and they don't know what its plans were. That night, Mike and the Hero return to Belleview using the Book of Imagination.

Mike promptly goes to sleep, but is woken up by the Hero. Heather then walks into his room, telling him that Aly was waiting for him the park. He runs out of the house to meet Aly, who rants to him about her parents arguing. Mike then introduces her to the Hero, saying that the Hero could help her parents solve their problems. Aly agrees, and asks the Hero to find her dad - Bruce Lannialli. After finding Bruce, the Hero meets Mike and Aly at an Ice Cream Shop, where Mike agrees to walk Aly home. On the way home, Mike watches as a Maximus appears next to Aly, and he warns her about it. Since Aly could not see the shadow, she is freaked out by Mike and runs home. Mike is then trapped by more Minimus and Maximus, so he retreats to Rapoville again.

Back in Rapoville, Mike meets with Mari and Jowee inside Creation Hall, talking about Aly and the Shadow. The Hero then gives Mike the Watch, allowing Mike to speed up time and travel between realms on his own. After an encounter with Crazy Barks, Mike uses the Watch to return to Belleview to check on Aly. When they return, Mike and the Hero come face to face with Aldark, who who sics an Arrogance on them to test them. The Hero defeats it, and Mike goes to check on Aly. He finds her talking with Tiffany, and she insults him for wanting to check up on her, calling him a weirdo. She tells him off, and he bumps into the Hero on his way home. He gets angered and blames the Hero for Aly' condition. Mike then begins to spend more time with Tony while recovering, but he is still upset at the Hero. Presumably, Mike is infected by Shadow during this time.

Mike is next seen at the School with Tony, and while Tony is in a classroom, Mike confronts Aldark, demanding that he undo what he did to Aly. Aldark refuses, but tells Mike that he would free Aly if Mike did something for him. Just then, Tony runs in and tells Mike that he heard the security guard, and that they need to leave. Mike reluctantly agrees and the two of them run off. Mike returns home to an upset Heather, who asks why he won't let her help him. Mike gets annoyed when the Hero walks in, and he runs up to his room. Later, he uses the Watch to return to Rapoville, and he is seen by Tony.

In Rapoville, Mike is spotted by King Miney, Click, and Miles, who point Jowee and the Hero in the right direction when they hunt for him. He is eventually found inside the Watersong House in the Watersong District. Inside the room, he is confronted by Mari, Jowee, and the Hero. During this confrontation, Mike says that he wishes he died in the car crash and becomes enraged that Mari knew the Shadow was in Belleview and did nothing to help. Mike then runs out of the house and uses the Watch to return to Belleview.

Back in Belleview, Mike runs to the Police Station to confront Deputy Snyder about the car accident. Mike begins to shout at him, drawing a crowd, and blaming him for the state of the town. Deputy Snyder, overcome with despair, admits to his faults, promting the Hero to use the Book of Imagination to cure him of the Shadow. This enrages Mike, who begins shouting at the crowd, telling that he wished they didn't exist. This forces the Hero to use the Book on Mike as well, curing Mike of his anger. Now in his normal state, Mike apologizes and reveals that he knows where Aldark is hiding - his house. Mike leads the Hero there, and the two of them confront Aldark.

At his house, Aldark ignores Mike and threatens the Hero. He also unleashes his Shadow friends on the town populace, allowing them to see the shadow for the first time. The Hero engages and defeats Aldark using the Book of Imagination, and Mike watches as Aldark and the Shadow vanish from Belleview. Mike promises the Hero that he'll do his best to keep the Shadow away if it ever comes back, and he says goodbye to the Hero, who returns to Rapoville. Some time later, Mike is talking with Aly about school, and Aly asks him why he decided to forgive Deputy Snyder. Mike decides to answer her by telling her the story of a Hero, presumably informing her of the events of the first two games and the true events of Two Realms.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Mike is losing it! Remind him that you're there for him.

–Level Description

Mike's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named Imagapocalypse. It is the twenty-sixth and penultimate story level in the game, and has three segments. After using the Book of Imagination to save Deputy Snyder, Mike becomes enraged and must be helped by the Hero. After saving Mike from his rage, the two of them return to Mike's House to confront Aldark once and for all.


Build Mode[edit]

In Build Mode, the player is given a Hopper, a Cactus Baki, a Boom Baki, a Balloon, and Heavy Twins. One possible solution is for the player to place the Heavy Twins over the bramble at the start of the section, place the Cactus Baki on the green button, place the Boom Baki on the ledge above the blue button, place the Hopper in between the teal and purple buttons, and placing the Balloon underneath the large gold coin to the right of the orange platform.

Calmer heads prevail!

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
Deputy of Despair
Next Level
Font of Darkness

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

What's wrong with my ears?


Upon meeting the Mayor.

This must be a dream!


Upon meeting Mari.

Maybe I'll wake up soon...


What the heck is a Raposa anyway?


Upon completing the first game.

I had a dream I would find the furnace if I sought it. I know where it is.


Mike searching for the Eternal Furnace in the level Frozenini.

Sometimes I have strange dreams of other places.


Mari, I have discovered the location of the Eternal Furnace.
Give me your map and I will show you the way.


These floating islands sound like a level in a computer game.


Mike commenting on the Eastern Winds.

I don't know why the electricity isn't reaching the lighthouse.
This could cause real danger for ships.


Lightning in a bottle! Like a lightbulb!


Upon hearing Circi suggesting to use fireflies to light the Lighthouse.

When I thought this place couldn't get any weirder...


When talking to Mike very early in the game.

What is he talking about Jowee?


After Wilfre says the Raposa world would be destroyed.

I dont' know much about your world, but I want it to safe. Maybe Wilfre is right... We'll make it right somehow.



Mari, you never told me what Wilfre showed you to make you do all this.


After the Creator taps the Eternal Flame

Let... me... win? Yea. Ok.


After Scooter Thieves Beware.

Well, nice to meet you Hero, I'm Mike.


Meeting the Hero.

This is Hero. I just met them over by the library.


Introducing Heather to the Hero.

Anyway, I brought Uncle Owen's credit card. He just wants the normal groceries.


I didn't steal anything... I don't even know what ExcitoStickers are!


After being accused of stealing.

Well... this is quite a dream.


Meeting the Raposa for the first time in four years.

Swing by later, maybe we can play some video games with my sis!


Returning home from Rapoville.

I forgot to tell you... I have my own stalker.


Introducing the Hero to Aly.

I'll have one scoop of Mayonnaise Ice Cream in a cup please.


STOP! Aly, watch out!!


Warning Aly of a Maximus.

This dude... Is weird.


Upon meeting Crazy Barks.

This is all your fault... Things were just fine until you showed up!


Yelling at the Hero.

Whatever you did to Aly, undo it! Or I'll... I'll... I don't know... but you're gonna regret it!


Confronting Aldark.

I messed everything up in Belleview, so I decided to live here. The whole town is a wreck... Aly hates me... And it's all my fault.


I wish I didn't survive that car accident.


When confronted by Mari and Jowee in the Watersong House.

So you knew this whole time, and let my town fall apart? Doesn't surprise me...


After learning that Mari knew the Shadow was in Belleview.

You killed them! You took my parents away from me!


Confronting Deputy Snyder.

I... wish you didn't exist. I wish none of you existed!


Yelling at the Belleview citizens.

I know where he is hiding... Of all of the places he could go... He picked MY house.


Guiding the Hero to Aldark.

I don't see any more shadow! Are... Are they... gone?


After Aldark's defeat.

Thanks, for everything Hero... I hope I'll get to see you again someday.


Saying goodbye to the Hero.

Hmm... Well... Let me tell you a story about this Hero...


Explaining to Aly why he forgave Deputy Snyder.

Looks like it's gonna be a good summer.


Mike's dialogue after the end of the game.


  • Mike's full name, Michael Robert Row, is a reference to Mike's name during the development of Drawn to Life - Bob Row.
  • When Mike is first rescued the message that pops up says: "Congrats! You found Mike?" this is the first time the game highlights that he is different.
    • A similar message pops up when you rescue Unagi, though the question mark on Unagi's message may or may not be intentional.
  • According to Joseph Tringali, Mike was originally designed as a human as a gag, not for any story-related reason.
  • There are several unused sprites found in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter where different characters, typically characters from Lavasteam, are seen wearing Mike's clothes.
    • This means that Mike's sprites were likely used as a template by the developers.
  • Despite Heather being Mike’s sister in real life, Mike doesn't seem to be aware of this while in the Raposa realm, and they seldom interact within the game’s story.
  • In Lock's Quest there is a Raposa named Mike who complains that there is no wifi. The fact that he is the only Raposa in the game may be a reference to how Mike is the only human in Drawn to Life.
  • In promotional artwork, Mike's jacket is green instead of grey.
  • At one point Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Jowee refers to Mike as a "gear head".
  • According to Mari and Heather in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Mike builds robots.
  • In the canon ending of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Mike is not wearing the same clothes as he is in his sprites.
    • This is fixed in the non-canon ending, where his character is re-drawn to match the style of the in-game sprites.
  • After finishing the story of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Mike can be seen sleeping in the "Delete Save" bed in the Main Menu.
    • As confirmed in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, this means that the Raposa world still exists in Mike’s imagination and dreams, even after waking from his coma.
  • Jeremiah Slaczka says whether or not Mike's parents survived the crash was left ambiguous for the players to theorize.
    • This was changed in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, where we see their funeral, confirming their fate.
  • Mike likely wasn’t in a coma for very long, supported by the fact that Heather remained in the same clothes as she was in before the crash, she was still being questioned by a police officer, and that Mike wasn’t attached to any life-support machines.
  • In Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Mike has an entire set of unused sprites that are done in a different style than any other sprites in the game.
    • According to Chern Fai, this is because Mike was originally planned to be a playable character[3].
  • Mike is implied to be an adult in the Raposa realm, as Mari wonders if he is a father who cut his ears off because his kids were annoying him.
  • Mike seems to enjoy Mayonnaise flavored Ice Cream.
  • According to the Baseball sticker description, Mike plays on a little league baseball team.
    • This may be the "Belleview Bearcats", a baseball team referenced in the Baseball Player Hero template.

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Mari welcoming Mike to the Village (Option 1)

Mari welcoming Mike to the Village (Option 2)

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