Mike's House

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Mike's House

Belleview mike house.png



Type Residential
Use Mike and Heather's home
Location Belleview
Creation No
Owner Uncle Owen
Residents Mike
Uncle Owen(Possibly)
Games TR Logo.png

I know where he is hiding... Of all of the places he could go... He picked MY house.


Mike's House is a location in Belleview in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. It is found in the south-eastern end of the map, and is the home for both Mike and Heather. This house is revisited throughout the events of the story, and eventually the Hero battles Aldark outside the house at the end of the game.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Mike's house is a narrow, two-story residential building, mainly consisting of light blue wood planks and white support beams. The exterior contains a orange brick chimney, as well as a grey wooden roof and front awning. The front porch has a pot plant at the right side, as well as a brown fence. The backyard consists of a white fence area, with trees and bushes taking up the yard.

The living room consists of hardwood floors and green wallpaper with a beige border spool. The room is decorated with an assortment of items, such as pot plants, furniture, a fireplace, a grandfather clock and a TV with a game system. The staircase on the right side of the living room leads into the second story.

Mike's bedroom is the only known room on the second story, consisting of the same hardwood floors, green wallpaper and beige border spool as the living room. The bedroom's contents includes an assortment of furniture, a closet, some posters and a desk with supplies.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Mike's house is first seen at Belleview's opening crawl, right before Tony attempts to steal Mike's scooter. Upon returning from Rapoville shortly afterwards, Mike briefly returns home to take a nap before being woken up by Heather. She informs Mike that Aly wanted him to meet her at the park, and he runs out of the house.

After escaping from the School following his run-in with Aldark, Mike argues with an upset Heather before abruptly heading upstairs when the Hero arrives. Heather explains to the Hero that Belleview hadn't been the same since the carnival came to town in the previous game, where they both lost their parents, and Aly was the only one to care about him. She bids the Hero farewell after requesting they talk to her, in hopes this would be resolved.

The Hero arrives again after Tony attempts to tell Heather and Aly about Mike using the Watch to activate a portal to Rapoville, but neither believe him. He suggests looking for him at the arcade, and they all leave to find him at the Police Station. After Mike and Deputy Snyder's minds are cleared, Mike realizes Aldark is stationed at his house and heads straight there with the Hero to confront him. Aldark ignores Mike as he threatens the Hero, and unleashes more Shadow upon Belleview before the Hero defeats him with the Book of Imagination. Aldark warns of the Shadow's return before disappearing, and Mike bids the Hero farewell, in hopes they will come back someday. The house is last seen at the end credits, where Mike and Heather head back inside while Aly watches on.


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