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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Elder
Fur Color
Light Grey
Home Lavasteam
Role King of Lavasteam
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
TR Logo.png
Hero? Is that you?
I've been so busy rebuilding the mining operation.


King Miney is a character that appears in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter and Drawn to Life: Two Realms. In both games, he is the King of Lavasteam. In his first appearance, he is an antagonistic force to the Hero, as he was misguided by his advisor, Salem. Once Salem left Miney behind, he realized the error in his ways and vowed to be a better king. In his next appearance, he helps the Hero and Jowee find and rescue Mike.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Miney is an elderly male Raposa with light grey fur. He has a long mustache and bushy eyebrows of the same color. He wears a green and gold robe and a golden crown.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before The Next Chapter[edit]

Miney was originally a kind-hearted Mayor, but when Salem showed up, Miney declared himself King, and he made Lavasteam a town of constant work and no relaxation. Many of the villagers didn't like this change, including some of Miney's own siblings, so he banished them from Lavasteam. Shortly before the Color drained from the world, Miney encountered Chef Cookie, Farmer Brown, and Count Choco, and forced them into the mines. The color drained from the village shortly after.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

When the Hero, Jowee, and Sock first meet Miney, he is yelling at the Robosa for not bringing him enough Banya Crystals. He hears the three of them talking behind his back, and he officially puts them to work in the mines. After the Hero makes their way through Crystal Caverns, Miney approaches them to take all the Banya Crystals they mined, rewarding them with 50 Color drops. Miney tells them to keep mining, promising them to reveal the location of their friends if they bring him enough crystals.

Miney is next seen when the Hero restores the Clockwork Tower with help from Moe, his brother, and Key, his chief engineer. He is upset that the two people closest to him betrayed him, and he decides to send them, along with Jowee and the Hero, to the dungeon. Miney tells the Robosa to send them away, and he walks off. For some reason, he returns to the tower as the group escapes, much to Miney's surprise. He orders the Robosa to attack them, but changes his mind and tells them to protect him. This overloads the Robosa, causing them to attack Miney. He tries to run away, telling them that since he has the key, they have to obey him, but when they toss him around, he drops the key in the lava.

When Key shuts down the Robosa, Miney runs away from them, but runs into Salem. Miney asks what happened to the Robosa, and Salem implies that it's Miney's fault. Salem leaves to activate the Giant Robosa and Miney falls to the ground, realizing the pain he's caused. After the Giant Robosa is defeated, Miney apologizes to the village for his actions. Moe and Key accept his apology, and the Hero, Jowee, and Sock leave them to rebuild. Miney is also seen at the end of the game, during Mari's prayer to the Creator.

Between The Next Chapter and Two Realms[edit]

Eventually, Miney worked with Mari to establish a Lavasteam District in Rapoville. Before the Hero is created again, he, along with Moe, Key, Mildew, and Crazy Diggz, travel to Rapoville to check in on the district. Somehow, his mind gets clouded, and he returns to his constant-work mindset.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]

Miney is first seen while Jowee and the Hero are searching for Mike. Jowee calls out out to him, but Miney doesn't recognize them. He asks if they're new recruits, and he gets angry when they aren't. He considers enslaving all the Raposa in the village to work for him, and he attempts to force the Hero into the mines, so the Hero enters his mind. After clearing his level, Miney remembers Jowee and the Hero and apologizes for trying to force Raposa to work. Miney considers setting up a job fair, and he goes to tell Mari his idea. Before he leaves, Jowee asks him if he saw Mike at all, and he tells them that Mike ran to the Galactic Jungle District. By the end of the game, Miney has recruited Moe, Key, Crazy Diggz, and Jowee to help him in the mines.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

King Miney is trying to enlist you! Remind him that you're a free agent.

–Level Description

Miney's Imagination Battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms is named Company Town Gives Company Work. It is the twentieth story level in the game, and has three segments. While Jowee and the Hero are looking for Mike in Rapoville, they ask Miney if he had seen him. However, Miney is too focused on forcing Raposa to work in the mines, so the Hero intervenes to clam him down.


Build Mode[edit]

In Build Mode, the player is given a Swooper, a Heavy Twins, and a SwordFisher. One possible solution is for the player to place the SwordFisher on the left, red gate, the Heavy Twins so that the green twin is above the button, and the Swooper above the purple twin.

No more signing on the dotted line for you!

–Completion Text

Imagination Battles
Last Level
An Apple a Day
Next Level
Electoral Anxiety

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Why aren't you working? Where is your equipment?


A cook? Feh, worthless! You will mine! All of you!


I am King Miney, and you will mine Banya Crystals for me! I will not repeat myself again, is that clear?!


Robosa, send them to the mines!


I should have you melted down! I clearly said three crates of Banya Crystals!!


More lazy workers! Where is your equipment?


Mayor?! We don't need a mayor here. Not while I'm king!


Banya Crystals! Hand'em over!


Not a bad haul! Let's figure out the exchange rate...


I don't feel like giving up coins... and Banya Crystals are off the table. So I guess you're stuck with these color drops.


If your next haul is as big as this one, maybe I'll tell you where your friends are working!


Betrayed by those closest to me... Key... Moe... So what Salem said was true!


To the dungeon! All of you!


I should trust your word? They are loyal to me. You are not.


Ho... How did you escape?


Robosa, stop them! Err... no, protect me! Wait...


I order you to stop! I have the key! You must obey me!


The key is gone... We're doomed... No more Banya Crystal...


Yo... You! What happened to the Robosa?!


What have I done?


I'm sorry... I only did what I thought was best for the village!


The Banya Crystal, it was the key to our prosperity!


I have done a terrible thing and don't deserve forgiveness. While I am no longer "King" Miney, I shall dedicate myself to rebuilding Lavasteam to its former glory.


Ah! Good day. Are you both new recruits?


Then quit wastin' my precious time! I need bodies... warm bodies to work the Mines!


I'll recruit all the Raposa in town!


If you won't choose to work for me, then I'll make you!


I've been so busy rebuilding the Mining operation...


Since we lost all of the Robosa... We've had to hire actual Raposa to do all of the hard work.


It's been hard to find anyone willing. Even with our most generous offer!


You're right. Maybe we should organize a job fair!


I remember trying to recruit an odd Raposa like that. He was running toward the Galactic Jungle District.


Farewell! Glad to be of service to you.


Must find more workers!


Miney's early-game dialogue

Hero, please come work for me!


Miney's mid-game dialogue

Ah, our newest applicant to the work program. I'll review your resume next.


Miney's late-game dialogue


  • His name could be a reference to Lavasteam's industry, mining.
    • His name, along with Moe's could also be a reference to the nursery rhyme "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe."
  • At one point in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Moe states that Miney has banished his other siblings who refused to work.
    • This confirms that Miney and Moe have at least two other siblings.
  • According to the Raposa-Human counterpart document used during development, his Human counterpart is Reginald Freeman[1].
    • This is due to both of them being leaders of their town/village, and both of them being older.

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