Mt. Snowy

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Mt. Snowy
Area Snow Gate
Number 1
Level Type Standard
Template Eternal Flame
Saved Isaac IsaacParty.png
  • Music
  • Pattern
  • Ability Token
Coins 640
Game Drawn to Life Link
Last Level
Snow Fields
Next Level
Snow Caves

Please hurry, Isaac and his family need your help!


Mt. Snowy is the first proper level in the Snow Gate and the game, following the tutorial level. There are four sections of the level, and the second is tainted with Shadow. The third section of this level has an avalanche of giant snowballs is falling down a mountain. The fourth and final section of the level uses the Sled to sled down the other side of the mountain.

The Eternal Flame Template is retrieved here, along with Isaac, his wife Mya, and Cindi.

BakiIcon.png Enemies[edit]

CreationIcon.png Creations[edit]

Stormy Cloud




This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

TemplateStatic.png Template Page[edit]

The page for the Eternal Flame is found here.

JoweeThumbSmall.png Rescued Raposa[edit]

You... You saved me!
Thank the Creator!
I own a shop back in the village...
I'll meet you at the Exit Gate!

Monster Wapo!!

Thank you so much, I was so scared!
What?! You rescued my daughter?
Praise the Creator!

TemplateStatic.png Level Map[edit]

Click to reveal map

DEVMAP MTSnowy 1.png

DEVMAP MTSnowy 2.png

DEVMAP MTSnowy 3.png

DEVMAP MTSnowy 4.png

A full map of this level, including markers for Raposa, creations, enemies, and more. You can pan this map by clicking and dragging. To view the full image, right click and open it within a new tab.

NoteIcon.png After Dialogue[edit]

*Hero, Isaac, Cindi and Mya walk out of the Snow Gate.*

Cindi: Mawi!
Mari: Cindi! We were so worried!
Cindi: I'm sowwy... I wanted to go find Mummy...
Mari: Well... You should know better then to run off by yourself!
Mayor: Isaac! I'm so glad you made it back...
Isaac: It's all thanks to Hero. I didn't get very far before I ran into Wilfre...
Mayor: I can't believe Wilfre is still alive... After what he did to the Book of Life...
Jowee: What's the deal with that guy anyway... We ran into him on the bridge, and he seemed to have control over the Darkness...
Mayor: Wilfre... He's the cause of this mess!

*Cue Flashback*


  • The Cloud platform may be redrawn here after originally being created in Snow Fields.
  • A total value of 640 Rapo-Coins can be collected in this level. This includes coins obtained from houses and crates, but excludes coins earned from enemy kills and combos.
    • An additional 100 coins may be added to this value assuming that The Hero passes the level with a perfect score.
  • The fourth section of this level contains no Raposa, template pieces, or Secrets.
  • There is a beacon-like structure atop Mt. Snowy's peak. This also appears on the level map, where it has a lit flame.
  • Mari and The Mayor incorrectly call this level Snow Fields.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]