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Species Octoshot
Variant N/A
Health HeartSmall Small.pngHeartSmall Small.png
Attack Type Ranged
Item Drops N/A
Games TR Logo.png

Honestly just wants to blow bubbles with you.

–Toy Menu

Octoshot are rare enemies in Drawn to Life: Two Realms. When they notice the Hero, they will stop moving and shoot a bubble at them. If the Hero is caught in this bubble, they will travel with the bubble until it pops, or the player presses the jump button. The enemy itself will not attack the Hero.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Octoshot are red, balloon like Octopi that have a bandage on the tops of their heads.

AButton.png Levels[edit]

Story Levels[edit]

Optional Levels[edit]

As every optional level allows the player to purchase any toy to place in said level, this list will only note the levels where an Octoshot already appears deployed in the level.

  • There are no Optional Levels with an Octoshot already deployed.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Convince this Octo-creature to go back to the ocean!

–Level Description

Under the Sea is an optional battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, has one segment, and takes place inside an Octoshot's mind.


One Star (400 points): 50 Rapo-Coins
Two Stars (1200 points): 70 Rapo-Coins
Three Stars (2000 points): Octoshot Toy

Required Enemies[edit]

  • None

Build Mode[edit]

For this level, the player is required to place 4 toys and reach the exit.


  • The name of Octoshot's Imagination Battle may be a reference to 1989's film The Little Mermaid.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]