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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Child
Fur Color
Light Grey
Home Rapoville
Role Villager
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) TR Logo.png
I have to start building new ships so people have somewhere to go before we reach our next planet.


Pouches is a minor Raposa character who appears in the Drawn to Life: Two Realms. He lives in Rapoville and has an interest in outer space.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Pouches is a young male Raposa with light grey fur and a pair of blue-rimmed glasses. He wears a blue shirt and has a brown satchel hung around his shoulder.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Sometime after Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter but before Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Pouches moved into Rapoville. He plays no major role in the story, but if his Imagination Battle is completed, the Hero learns that he wants to move to outer space. During the credits, he watches as Crazy Barks and Crazy Diggs circle each other.

BoIopen.png Imagination Battle[edit]

Pouches has his head stuck in the clouds!

–Level Description

Bubbles Floating to Space is an optional battle in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, has one segment, and takes place inside Pouches' mind. It uses the Candy Biome and plays the track "Behind a Closed Mind".


One Star (300 points): 20 Rapo-Coins
Two Stars (900 points): 30 Rapo-Coins
Three Stars (1500 points): Insect Leg Sticker

Required Enemies[edit]

Build Mode[edit]

For this level, the player is required to place 3 toys and defeat all possible toys.

Always good to stay grounded when you live in a space jungle.

Unused Completion Text

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

I'm just collecting stuff...


Before unlocking Bubbles Floating to Space

Why can't everyone live up in the sky?


After unlocking Bubbles Floating to Space but before attempting it

I wanna leave this useless rock behind and reach the stars!


After losing Bubbles Floating to Space

I have to start building new ships so people have somewhere to go before we reach our next planet.


After winning Bubbles Floating to Space


  • Pouches was teased before the release of Drawn to Life: Two Realms on the Drawn to Life: For All Discord server[1].
  • Pouches, along with the other new Raposa, does not appear on the Raposa-Human Counterpart Sheet. Unlike the other new Raposa however, Pouches does not have an obvious counterpart.
    • In an earlier version of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Pouches had a more obvious human counterpart. It is unknown why they were cut from the final release.
  • The unused completion text for Bubbles Floating to Space may indicate that Pouches is originally from Galactic Jungle, although this is merely speculation.
  • Pouches has 2 unused lines of dialogue due to when his Imagination Battle is triggered:
    • "Do you wanna see my collection?" (Mid-Game Bark)
    • "You wouldn't believe what you can find if you put your mind to it." (End-Game Bark)

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NoteIcon.png References[edit]

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