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Promise Conch

Promise conch.png



Use Binds its user to a promise or commitment
Village Object No
Retrieved The Abyss
Location Watersong
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

No! I'm not going home. Not until I find the conch!


The Promise Conch is an item in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter that magically binds someone to a promise, wager, pact, or similar such thing.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

The Promise Conch appears to be a large conch shell. It has a pinkish-red inside, and a pale creamy color on the outside. When activated, the conch appears to emanate a white aura.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

It was used by Salem when he made a bet with Mayor Rose. This bet stated that whoever won the singing contest would have the title of the greatest opera singer in the world, whilst the loser will not be able to utter a single word for the rest of their life. It is said by Miles that the power of the Promise Conch cannot be undone. The Conch is afterwards lost in the ocean.

The Promise Conch is found at the end of The Abyss. Once it is found, the player taps on the Promise Conch, undoing the promise and restoring the voice back to Rose. Rose then claims herself unworthy to be Mayor of Watersong anymore, and tries to transfer the Power of Song to Miles, by singing Light of My Life. The Creator intervenes, and tells her she is still needed.

After the Rapoville Raposa leave Watersong, Jowee and Mari share a moment on Turtle Rock's balcony. Jowee reveals that he had taken a promise conch, and uses it to promise Mari that he would always protect her. After this, he throws the conch in the ocean, never to be seen again.


  • The Abyss is apparently well known for having Promise Conchs.
  • Despite Miles stating that the power of a Promise Conch cannot be undone, Butler seems to imply that it can be undone by either of the involved parties if they possess the conch binding their promise[1].
    • However, the line could also mean that one of the bound parties must have the conch to as the Creator to undo the promise, and the parties themselves are powerless to undo the promise.

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NoteIcon.png References[edit]

  1. "I'm afraid not. Unless we find the conch that holds the promise, her voice is lost forever." ~Butler