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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color
Home Lavasteam
Role Miner
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

Nice bridge. One less thing I have to do for Miney.


Russet is a Raposa in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter who resides in the east side of Lavasteam. Miney ordered him to construct a Lavabridge to the Lava Reservoir, but when the Hero stops by, Russet lets the Hero draw it for him.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Russet is an adult male Raposa with rust fur. He wears a blue uniform with a black tool-belt that has gold buttons over it. Like all miners, he also wears a yellow hard-hat. Additionally, his hard-hat has a flashlight built-in. He also has brown shoes, but no gloves.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Nice bridge. One less thing I have to do for Miney.


Hey, not bad at all, Hero!


After The Giant Robosa is defeated


  • He is the only Raposa with rust fur seen in the series.
    • His name references his fur color.
  • Russet is the closest Raposa to the northern boundary of any village.

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