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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color
Light Grey
Home Galactic Jungle
Role Antagonist
Police Force
Last Known Status Unknown
Presumably Inactive
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
Do not take another bite of that donut, sir! You are in clear violation of Health Statute 79-B-1...
...No eating without the presence of a health official!


The S.P.U.D. are characters in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, acting as the overpowered police force of the DOT ROT POT USF. They are meant to enforce all the laws put into place by The Council, but in reality, all S.P.U.D. agents are a single agent or a hologram, as revealed outside The Council Room. The single agent is another alias of Click, who had created both The Council and the S.P.U.D. to help control the Galactic Jungle after their previous mayor passed.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

All S.P.U.D. ranger outfits are identical, being black jumpsuits with yellow markings. They also wear black helmets with blue visors and a black belt with a gold buckle. Their helmets have a yellow attachment above the visor that mimics eyebrows.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

The S.P.U.D. are first created by Click after the death of Galactic Jungle's previous mayor. They are first seen in action when Cricket, Zsasha, and Unagi are transported to the Galactic Jungle by Wilfre. A S.P.U.D. agent appears and arrests the three of them for different reasons: eating without the presence of a health official, running in a no-run zone, and failure to fill out form 515-C in triplicate respectively.

A S.P.U.D. agent is next seen after Click leaves Jowee, Sock, and the Hero at the elevator. It appears after Click leaves, calling himself Ranger Knox, and asks the group to find his partner trapepd in Creater Pass. The Hero returns with a S.P.U.D. Baki, and Ranger Knox thanks the group for their help. Another agent is seen when Jowee, Sock, and the Hero turn on all the generators in the Space Fortress, telling them that Click had been banished.

S.P.U.D. agents are last seen when Jowee, Sock, and the Hero break into The Council Room. A group of nine agents appear in front of the door, telling them to leave at once. Jowee doesn't buy into their threats, and nothing happens when they finish counting down. After touching one of the agents, all but one disappear, having been holograms. The final agent then teleports away. After Click is rightfully elected as mayor, he tells the Hero that he was the S.P.U.D. agents the whole time.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

Stop, unlawful citizen! Your conversation is unauthorized due to failure to fill out Form 515-C...
...in triplicate!


Before Unagi is arrested

Halt trespasser of the law! This zone is clearly marked no-run.


Before Zsasha is arrested

Do not take another bite of that donut, sir! You are in clear violation of Health Statute 79-B-1...
...No eating without the presence of a health official!


Before Cricket is arrested

Halt! This Paludarium Domicile is off limits...
Without proper authorization!
Return once you have proper clearance.


When trying to enter Iron Arboretum early

Halt! This jungle is very dangerous! Permission to enter requires consent to terms and conditions...
As expressed in Release Waiver 4439.237 C, "Hazardous Environment Consent Form!"
Also, you need...
A good reason to be here!


When trying to enter Crater Pass early

Ranger Knox here of the Space Police... ummm... S.P.U.D...
Perhaps you can help. My comrade left at 0900 hours to scout out the jungle but has not come back.
Of course I would go look for him, but we barely have enough rangers as it is to uphold USF law.


Your service to the USF is most appreciated... He disappeared into the Jungle of the Southern Arc...


Thank you "Hero". Your service to the DOT ROT POT USF is much appreciated. Come along Ranger... Marxx. There are laws to be enforced!


After completing Crater Pass

Click has been banished from the DOT ROT POT USF. / He tried to infiltrate The Council, a trespass of the worst kind.
My recommendation to you is to leave the Space Jungle immediately.
The Council is not pleased... and there are fates worse than banishment...


After completing Techno Spires

Halt, trespassers! Your request for an audience has been denied. You have 3 seconds to vacate the premisis.
You have been warned. Commencing countdown. 3... 2... 1...


Before entering The Council Room


  • The acronym S.P.U.D. was never given a meaning in the game.
    • According to what Click says as Ranger Knox, the first two letters stand for Space Police, but the last two letters don't have a meaning.
  • There is a S.P.U.D. Baki referred to as "Ranger Marxx".
  • Their armor appears to be a reference to Power Ranger armor.
  • If the Hero tries to enter Iron Arboretum or Crater Pass early, a S.P.U.D. agent will appear to stop them.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]