Shadow Lair

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Shadow Lair
Area Secret Door
Number 1
(19 overall • Final)
Level Type Boss
Template None
Saved None
Secrets None
Coins None
Game Drawn to Life Link
Last Level
Th city004.png
Rapo Towers
Next Level


Enter The Secret Gate and face Wilfre!

–In-Game Task Prompt

The Shadow Lair is the final level of Drawn to Life.

Shadow Goo is used excessively in this level. The final boss is Wilfre, along with his scorpion. Wilfre's Scorpion is the first half of the battle, and after the scorpion is defeated, The Hero faces Wilfre.

BakiIcon.png Enemies[edit]

Attack Axe.png Boss Fight[edit]

See Wilfre's Scorpion and Wilfre.


  • Jeremiah Slaczka states in the Developer's Grove that there is a hidden flower which will save The Mayor in this level.
    • This is not true.
  • Wilfre takes 13 hits to defeat in his fight.
    • Thirteen is a number that is considered bad luck in some countries, and Wilfre was met with an unlucky fate when he drew in the Book of Life.
  • It is possible that the level itself may just be one giant shadow creature given its appearance on the minimap, the apparent shadow goo coating the level, and the various eyes dotted around it.
  • It is currently unknown if the Shadow Lair and Wilfre's Lair are the same area.
  • Despite the city gate only having 4 levels, Shadow Lair is labled as "4-5" which is probably an oversight since every previous world featured 4 normal levels while the boss stage is taking the number of the 5th level.

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