Village Observatory

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Type Residential
Use Like a normal observatory you can look up to the sky.
Location Village
Creation Yes
Owner Galileo
Residents Galileo's Family
Games Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link

Color the Village Observatory!

–Task Prompt

The Village Observatory is located at the eastern part of the Village. It is where Galileo lives and works. It is also where the Hero can view the Moon, Sun, Stormy Clouds, and Night Sky they have created.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Due to the Village Observatory being a creation object and having no pre-colored preset, the appearance of this object is mostly dependent on the player.

In Drawn to Life, The Village Observatory is a domed building with a large telescope poking out. A simple Rapo-house like structure is attached to the dome. Attached to that section is a single doorway. Also attatched to that section of the observatory is a sort of propeller on the side of the building. On the ground beside the observatory is a jug.


  • There is an Easter Egg in the grass near the Observatory, where the text "Miah ♥ Kaori" can be seen.
    • This is a reference to Jeremiah and Kaori Slaczka.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]