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Name Whale
Use Acts as a moving platform in water
Creation Type Level Object
Has Preset No
Template Needed No
Created In/After Icy Lake
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link

The whale seems pale, color away!

–Drawing Prompt

Whales are creations that only appear in Icy Lake in the first game.

Whales allow The Hero to safely cross the sections of icy water in the level without taking damage. Once created, whales will remain stationary, floating at the edge of icy water, until The Hero jumps onto their backs; at that point, the whale will start swimming across the water. Once the Whale comes into contact with land, it will stop and shake for a moment before sinking under water, giving The Hero a small section of time to hop off and back onto land.

Occasionally, while in motion, the whale will blow out a stream of water which The Hero can jump on and use as a temporary platform, until the stream goes down. Most often, the whale does this to allow The Hero access to small floating areas, coins, and to make avoiding flying enemies, such as Shadow Bats easier.

A similar creation called the Whaleecopter appears in the Angle Isle.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Due to the Whale being a creation object and having no pre-drawn preset or guide, the appearance of this object is almost completely dependent on the player.

They are still confined to a whale-shaped area, and the outline given to them.

AButton.png Levels[edit]


  • The stream of water that the Whales blow out is already textured and animated and may not be edited by the player.
  • The stream of water they blow will not damage The Hero despite that any other water in this level will.
  • The Whale on the World Map is blue and pale-blue.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]