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Species Raposa
Shadow (Formerly)
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color
Light Grey
Shadow (Formerly)
Home Rapoville (Formerly)
Wilfre's Wasteland (Formerly)
Role Main Antagonist (Formerly)
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Drawn to Life Link
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link (Flashback and Creation only)
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
TR Logo.png
No one told you a creepy bedtime story about me? Pity...


Wilfre is one of the main antagonists in the Drawn to Life Series, and the main antagonist in both Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Wilfre is a cunning Raposa who is skilled with persuasion and manipulation. He first went against the Creator by drawing in the Book of Life, which caused him to create the Shadow and be expelled from the village. He would later go on to cover the world in darkness and kill the Mayor, but was defeated and killed by a Hero.

Later on, he was revived thanks to his scepter, and he took over Heather's body. He travelled the world, tricking each leader of three different villages into doing his bidding, and he was even able to convince Mari to join his cause. He also infiltrated Turtle Rock under the guise of Sock, gaining Jowee's trust. However, even after draining almost all the Color from the realm, he was defeated once again by the Hero, killing him once again.

Wilfre's second death caused all the Shadow to be sent into the Human Realm, where it took new forms. Wilfre was somehow revived once more, and he helped Mari find the Book of Imagination. Wilfre, no longer bound by the Shadow, began to wander the world, only revealing himself to anyone beyond Mari when Aldark was defeated by the Hero, saying that Aldark would try to spread Shadow elsewhere and needed to be stopped.

In his first two appearances, he does not see his actions as evil, as he is trying to save the Raposa world from supposed destruction. He is very much aware that he hurts others and does things seen as evil in the process. He often speaks with a slight cockiness in his voice; at other times, he will take on a condescending tone, as if he feels that he is superior to the other Raposa. In his third appearance however, he is much more secluded and mysterious, although still cocky.


Wilfre is first seen as a Shadow being who takes the form of a Raposa. However, he originally appeared as a normal Raposa, with light grey fur and mostly blue clothing.

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Wilfre takes on various new Raposa forms or disguises in addition to his Shadow form, these being Sock and Salem.

In Drawn to Life: Two Realms, Wilfre appears as a hooded Raposa, similar to Samuel, although Wilfre's robe is grey and more hoodie-like than Samuel's.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Before Drawn to Life[edit]

Wilfre was once a normal Raposa, being the most popular and respected of all the villagers, always the center of attention. However, he questioned why the Raposa were not allowed to design their own creations in the Book of Life, stating that "it could be done better". After being denied access to the Book of Life by the Mayor, he snuck into Creation Hall, stole the Book, and brought it to his house, where he tried to bring his own drawings to life. However, they came out evil, dark, and twisted. When the villagers found out, the Mayor, Cricket, and Cricket's deputy ran him out of town. In a rage, on the bridge, Wilfre ripped the pages of the Book of Life into pieces and threw them into the wind, effectively scattering them throughout the world. Eventually, Wilfre became a Shadow being.

Drawn to Life[edit]

Wilfre, being the main antagonist, is the one responsible for the Darkness creeping into and covering Rapoville. He is also responsible for the kidnappings and captures of the villagers and their positions in being scattered, locked in Shadow Cages, throughout the levels in the game. He appears for the first time when Mari, Jowee, and the Hero approach the village entrance in order to search for the Mayor. He covers the bridge in darkness to prevent this, and so forces them to use the Snow Gate instead.

After the Hero traverses through the Snow Gate, having already saved thirteen villagers, Wilfre appears to them, Mari, and Jowee, coming to take the Book of Life once more. Jowee promises that he'd never get the Book of Life, and Wilfre laughs, unleashing Frostwind onto the village and telling Mari that he's "coming back for [her] poppy soon". The Hero is able to stop Frostwind and save Heather, stopping Wilfre's plan. As the Hero progresses through the next two gates, the Forest Gate and Beach Gate, Wilfre threatens the Hero with Deadwood and questions why the Hero helps the Raposa respectively.

After the defeat of the Angler King, Wilfre is seen entering the Secret Door. Shortly after, when the Hero enters Rapo Towers, Wilfre returns to the village and confronts the Mayor. He mockingly congratulates Mayor on doing so well with the village, stating that the village failed under his watch and would fail under Mari's. Mayor tells Wilfre to stay away from his daughter, and Wilfre promises that he would, as long as he had the Book of Life. Wilfre then strikes the Mayor down and steals the Book of Life from his body, taking it back to the Shadow Lair and wiping some of the Creations.

The Hero, armed with the Legendary Sword, soon confronts Wilfre in the Shadow Lair. However, before the two can fight, Wilfre sics his Scorpion on the Hero. The Hero quickly defeats it and begins to fight Wilfre. After a trying battle, Wilfre is eventually struck down, decending to the floor. The Shadow evaporates off his body, giving him a brief moment as a Raposa once more before he too is evaporated into thin air.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)[edit]

This Section of Wilfre Contains Non-Canon Content!

Wilfre is deceased during the events of this game, however, Circi tricks the villagers into thinking he returned to achieve her plans. While not explicitly stated, it is implied that Circi and Wilfre were in a romantic relationship at one point, and her driving motivation is gathering the Artifacts of Power to create a mannequin to draw him onto, effectively reviving him. This plan fails however, and Wilfre remains deceased.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

Wilfre reappears in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, again as the main antagonist. He is revived from death when Heather opens a washed up treasure chest on the Secret Beach that contained Wilfre's Scepter. This allowed Wilfre to take over Heather's body and use it as his own. The next morning, Wilfre reveals himself to Rapoville, when all the villagers gathered outside Creation Hall to talk with Mari. He begins to drain the Color from the world, starting with the mannequin used to create the Hero. After gloating and speaking directly to the Creator, Wilfre begins to kidnap the villagers, leaving only a few behind.

Wilfre is next seen in Watersong, disguised as Salem. Sometime before the events of the game, he had taken Mayor Rose's voice by tricking her with the Promise Conch, which greatly endangered the village. However, when the remaining Rapoville villagers docked in Watersong on Turtle Rock, Wilfre came face to face with them again. After taunting them as Salem, he quickly changed into his other disguise, Sock, and re-met the villagers for the first time.

As Sock, Wilfre pretended to be a vagrant from a different village which had lost it's color. Sympathizing with Sock, Jowee and Mari allowed him to join them on their quest. Wilfre continued to bounce between both Salem and Sock while the group was in Watersong. After finding the Promise Conch and reversing Rose's curse, Salem and two Ameba threatened the village by brining Baki Beard to it. However, while talking to Rose, the Hero, Jowee, and Mari intervened. It was then that Wilfre revealed himself to be Salem.

After Baki Beard was defeated, Wilfre rejoined the group as Sock, and they set sail to Lavasteam. However, some time during the trip between villages, Wilfre, as himself, showed Mari the truth of the Raposa realm and explained why he was draining the color - if Mike were to wake up from his coma in the Human Realm, the Raposa realm would be destroyed. Swayed by his cause, Mari abandoned Turtle Rock and joined Wilfre's cause.

When the group docks at Lavasteam, they find a village that has been heavily influenced by Salem, who was acting as King Miney's advisor. At one point, while looking for Mari, Jowee and Wilfre, disguised as Sock, watch Mari enter a colorless area. Jowee and Sock would continue to fight against King Miney, eventually causing him to apologize and begin reverting the village to how it was before Salem. However, Wilfre made one last appearance as Salem in order to chastise Miney when the Robosa malfunctioned.

After leaving Lavasteam, Sock joined Jowee in the Galactic Jungle, a heavily-policed village that had been engineered by both Wilfre and Click. Jowee, Sock, and the Hero manage to traverse through the village until they meet The Council, the puppet-government set up by Click. After discovering that they were merely dolls, and that Click was in control of everything the whole time, Click reveals that Wilfre helped him design the new village.

After leaving Galactic Jungle with no leads on Mari, Heather, or the Book of Life, Wilfre, as Sock, manages to steal Heather's Pendant and throw it into the ocean. He then reveals his true identity to the group and teleports away, accidentally leaving his Sock cap on Turtle Rock. This allowed the villagers to sail to Wilfre's Wasteland and confront him head on. When they first arrive, Wilfre kidnaps Jowee and shows him the same thing he showed Mari.

After this, Wilfre, Jowee, and Mari discover that the Hero had restored most of the village and had broken Wilfre's seal. Much to Wilfre's surprise however, Jowee refuses to let Wilfre win, and fights to let Mike wake up. Mari joins him, leaving Wilfre, and Wilfre retreats into his castle. When the Hero manages to infiltrate the Hall of Darkness, Wilfre easily defeats them and begins to drain thier Color. However, thanks to the prayers of everyone in the Raposa realm, the Hero is revived and Wilfre's Scepter is destroyed. Wilfre then unveils his Ultimate Creation, and the two fight once more.

The Hero is able to defeat Wilfre a second time, causing his body to contort, revealing both Sock and Salem trying to escape, until his Shadow is expelled once more. After a second brief moment without Shadow, he is once again evaporated, leaving a Shadow-less Heather in his place.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms[edit]

Four years later, Wilfre is granted life once more. He is first seen in the opening sequence of Drawn to Life: Two Realms, where he gives the Book of Imagination to Mari. He appears later, watching Mike and the Hero travel between realms using the Book, stating that the Raposa "have a chance." He is lastly seen at the end of the game, after Aldark's defeat. He talks to Mari and Jowee, stating that this isn't the end, and that they might have to use the Hero to save more lives than just Mike's. He then leaves the village to go attend to "some very important work".

Attack Axe.png As a Boss[edit]

First Battle[edit]

Main article: Shadow Lair

The first part of this boss fight (excluding the level-like part beforehand) is not actually fighting Wilfre himself, but his "little friend" - a giant scorpion-like creature which spews out darkness and has a trident for a tail.

After the scorpion is defeated, Wilfre will get annoyed and decide to finish off The Hero himself. Wilfre will attack two ways: dropping stars at The Hero, or firing tridents at them. The player can hit Wilfre when he moves.

At half life, Wilfre gets frustrated, exclaiming, "Ooooh! Now prepare to die!". Past that point, he will become quite a bit faster, and more unpredictable in his attacking pattern. Once defeated, he falls to the ground, loses his shadow, and looking shocked, disintegrates.

Second Battle[edit]

Main article: Hall of Darkness

During the first part of the fight, Wilfre is completely unbeatable. He moves very quickly, always dodging attacks, and can summon other enemies from the game (particularly Ghosts) to attack the Hero. He also employs his sceptre to his great advantage, shooting fast, long-ranged beam-like attacks that are almost impossible to avoid. Defeat in this part of the fight is inevitable, and when this occurs, Wilfre begins a tirade and gloats over the victory, sucking the color from the already-defeated Hero.

However, the few remaining village Raposa and Mike are still outside, and they begin to pray to the Creator. Their prayer is answered when The Creator restores The Hero and destroys Wilfre's scepter.

Wilfre isn't left completely defenseless, however - he pulls out the Book of Life and tears a page from it, summoning his Ultimate Creation, his new weapon. Thus begins the second part of the battle.

This creation shoots lightning bolts that speed across the ground until they hit the end walls. It also turns into a tornado that sucks in The Hero. The most basic of its attacks is that it will swoop down. Even in the air, Wilfre sits within jumping range, making it possible for The Hero to attack while he is hovering. When Wilfre is finally defeated he flickers between forms flashing from his shadow form to Sock, Salem, and then to his Raposa form; after going through all this, Heather is finally released from his hold, and the fight is finished as she and the Hero emerge from the Hall of Darkness, victorious at last.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

...What do we have here? Silly Rapos? And their cute wittle creation?
You're too late, The Mayor is already done for!


No one told you a creepy bedtime story about me? Pity...
If you insignificant Rapos must know my name, it's Wilfre.


You can forget about rebuilding this village.
I've torn up all the pages in The Book of Life...
They should be scattered around the world by now!


Anyway, I bid you farewell. I have much to attend to.


To be sure you don't attempt a pathetic rescue, I'll cover this bridge in darkness.


Hah! You've done well... I guess I underestimated you.
I hear The Mayor escaped, thanks to you, Hero.
Anyway, I've come for The Book of Life...


Will he? I guess I have no choice...
I have a little surprise for your village. Enjoy!


Such a sweet lil rapo... I'm coming for your poppy soon.


Wilfre speaking to Mari.

...You're not.


After hearing Mari question her capability of being Mayor.

You're nothing but a scared wittle rapo...
I'm growing tired of these games.
You would all be gone if it wasn't for Hero!
I'm about to take care of the situation...
See how Hero fares against the great tree... Deadwood!


You're persistent... I'll give you that.
Why do you continue to help these... things?
You're powerful... They don't deserve your help...
No matter... It's almost time.


Upon Angler King's attack.

They're getting too close...
I can't risk them finding me...
Not before the task is finished...


Wilfre upon the final section of the village being cleared.

Oh but I do... I'm here for The Book of Life.
I admit, you've done well... but it's only thanks to Hero.
This village fell apart under your watch.
And it will fall apart under your daughter...


When meeting The Mayor.

That won't be necessary... I'll take The Book of Life...
and this village will fade away on it's own...
Such a sweet wittle Rapo... She can't stop me.


Wilfre saying that harming Mari won't be necessary

The Book of Life is finally mine...


After killing The Mayor.

So you made it this far...?
My little scorpion friend will take care of you!


Upon meeting The Hero at the final battle.

Ug!? This has gone on long enough!
I'll destroy you myself!


Ooooh! Now prepare to die!


Upon loosing half of his health.

Ow ow ow!
What?! No!!! This cannot be!


Upon loosing all of his health.

There will be no hero to save you this time!


The Creator can't get rid of me that easily... Not while this world still exists!


You pathetic thing... You have no clue, do you? Don't you realize what I've been doing this whole time?


A monster? My will shall happen and you will thank me for it. I am this world's savior!


So you really are The Creator... You don't care about us! Only him...


I know that this scepter gives me the power to defeat any of your pathetic heroes! Behold its power!!


You are all fools! Blindly following The Creator...


You still don't understand... my plan...


No matter... This city will be in rubble soon enough.


All the color in the world won't save you then...


I'd love to stay and chat, but I have more color to obtain.


Stupid Raposa. There never was a Sock. It's been me the whole time.


...You have no idea...


Without the pendant you will never find my castle.


Goodbye my fellow Raposa. Enjoy a lifetime lost at sea...


It's true. I never transformed into Mari. She came to me willingly.


See Mari, he'll never understand...


Join us, Jowee. Together we can prevent this bleak future.


Don't listen to him. He is wrong. You know what will happen if we don't fight this.


Only a fool would abandon her people.


How can all of you just blindly follow your leaders so easily.


All because they follow The so called Creator who doesn't even care about you!


Ha, would you really? You may get your wish.


Lies?! You have no idea!


I grow tired of explanations.


I've built this fortress with one thing in mind and I intend to finish what I've started.


You're all so foolish! What you're trying to do is futile.


My time is up? It's not just my time you ignorant Rapo. It's all of your time as well.


If you succeed in defeating me and return all the color to this world you will all die!


I never said I would be the one to destroy you.


The Creator is asking you to give up your lives and families, this world's very existence, and for what?


Ha, even the non-Raposa sees how ridiculous you all are. You are weak. And you will fail.


Mindless Bakis, the lot of you! I'll handle this myself once and for all. Try to stop me if you dare!


Aww, the poor little Hero who lost his color. Frail and weak!
Just like the ones that believe in you, but do they really believe?
They are too busy looking out for themselves. Risking everything for fame and glory...
Hoarding resources, and writing rules to support the structure, instead of the life it was meant to protect.
Now, blinded by the beauty of creation, they have lost connection to the world that we create!
The perfect storm is at hand, and with this I will end your reign of tyranny once and for all.


Wilfre's speech after beating The Hero in the first half of the battle

What? No!! This can not be!!


After The Hero's color is restored, and Wilfre's Scepter is destroyed

I will not let you control us!


Your power will be your own undoing!


Now behold my ultimate creation!


I found what you were looking for.


The human realm is different... Night is day, day is night... They have small ears as well.


I just hope this "Hero" is up to the challenge.


So... Mari was successful. Maybe they have a chance after all...


I never imagined it could even be done...


Hopefully this will buy us some time...


When the Shadow appears again, I fear the battle won't be so easy.


One human... One town... Next time, maybe all humans, everywhere.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some very important work to tend to... Far away from this little village.


If I uncover anything of interest... I'll be sure to let you know, mayor.



  • In another 5th Cell game, Lock's Quest, a grave for Wilfre can be found in the forest camp. His grave is implied to be haunted by many characters. Oddly enough, after the camp a new type of enemy called the phantom clockwork appears. This bears more of a resemblance to Shadow Walkers than to normal robotic enemy, being made of a shadowy substance as opposed to the usual metal.
  • Along with other religious referencing in the game, Wilfre has been compared to the Biblical account of the angel Lucifer.
    • Lucifer was once the most beautiful angel, but then he wanted to become as great or greater than God, and so was cast down into the darkness and shadows of hell.
    • This was later confirmed by Jeremiah Slaczka as Wilfre is meant to represent Satan.
  • According to a Game Design Document shared by Ken Capelli, Wilfre would have made an appearance in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) after defeating the Giant Scribble Monster, possessing the Dark Mannequin before it is disassembled and promising to return.
  • Wilfre's relationship with Circi has not been confirmed, but it is strongly suggested that they may have been lovers at some point.
    • It is also possible that Circi could have simply been a fan of Wilfre, but neither of these possibilities have been explicitly confirmed.
  • Wilfre holds his scepter in his left hand, which may suggest that he is left-handed.
  • Artwork depicts Shadow Wilfre as purplish-blue with yellow eyes. His in-game sprite, however, is black with white eyes.
  • The name Wilfre may be based on the name Wilfred which means "desiring peace". It could also refer to "Free Will."
    • Interestingly, the name Salem also means "peace".
    • His Japanese name (ウイル Uiru Will), is also possibly another reference to "free will".
  • The arms in most of Wilfre's normal sprites are slightly less exposed than other Raposa's.
    • While this could be an error, it could also mean that Wilfre usually has his hands in his pockets.
  • Wilfre, the Creator, and Heather are the only three beings initially aware of the fact that the Raposa world is a dream by Mike.
    • When speaking to Wilfre, the Creator says, “You will not have him. He will fight you. He will win, he is not yours to control.” Wilfre then replies, “…You don’t care about us! Only him...” Also, whilst being pulled into one of Wilfre’s portals, Heather says, “Kemi-Kewa, you must stop Wilfre! Kemi-Kewa!!”; Kemi-Kewa is “Wake Mike” spelt backwards.
      • Interestingly, Mike himself was never aware of the Raposa world being a dream.

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