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Wilfre's Journal



Use Wilfre's journal to document his plans.
Village Object No
Retrieved Wilfre's Lair
Location Shadow City
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link

That must have been Wilfre's Journal. I knew it! WILFRE HAS RETURNED!


Wilfre's Journal is an important book in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii). It was used by Wilfre to document his plans to defeat the Creator.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Wilfre's Journal is inconsistently displayed, and therefore has two different appearances. In both depictions it has gold raised bands on the spine, and seems to have a gold lock on the front.

In-game, Wilfre's Journal is a red, hardcover book that has the name "Wilfre" written on it in ink. It has an ink blotch in the bottom right corner.

In the cutscenes, Wilfre's journal is a leather book with the name "Wilfre" branded in the front.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Sometime before the events of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Wilfre used this journal to document his plans to defeat the Creator. It is he kept this journal in his lair, and after his death, it was found by Circi. Somehow, a Page from Wilfre's Journal falls out and is found by Jowee an the Hero at the Shadow City Outer Walls.

Some time later, while exploring the Shadow Palace, Jowee and the Hero see a shadowy figure running away from them with a book, later revealed to be Wilfre's Journal. After telling this to Mari and Circi, the two of them send Jowee and the Hero to Wilfre's Lair to find the journal.

While going through the lair, the Hero comes across a room with a giant ink vat with Wilfre's Journal resting on top of it. When the Hero collects the journal, the vat begins to burst, and Shadow begins to fill the room. The Hero climbs up the tower, and eventually comes to a clearing. When the shadow gets to the clearing, it comes to a halt, and the Boss rises out of the shadow. After defeating Boss and collecting the Pen and Pencil, Jowee and the Hero return to Rapoville to give the journal to Mari.

They read the journal to find out more about Wilfre's plans, learning about the four Artifacts of Power - the Crystal Mask they had found in Jangala, the Pen and Pencil they had just collected, the Eternal Furnace located in the Icy Wastes, and Branches from the Tree of Ages at the heart of the Eastern Winds. Jowee realizes that by burning the Branches in the Eternal Furnace, Creation Ink is created, which would allow Wilfre to rival the Creator and redraw the world.


  • A Page from Wilfre's Journal can be found in Shadow City Outer Walls.
  • When the cutscene version of the journal is open, it shares the sprites of the cover and pages of the book on the main menu and in the introductory cutscene.
  • Wilfre's Journal could be seen as a parallel to the Mayor's Book, as they are both books that are used by leaders to document their lives and plans.

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