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Species Raposa
Gender Female
Age Adult
Fur Color
Orange Fur
Blonde Hair
Home Watersong
Role Mayor
Mother of Miles
Last Known Status Unknown
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
I just love spending time with nature. You can hear the music everywhere. In the wind, the water, and the sky floating by.


Rose is the Mayor of Watersong and the mother of Miles. She only appears in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

TowerIcon.png AppearanceEdit

Rose is a Raposa with orange fur and blond curly hair. She wears a purple and gold dress and has a red rose in the left side of her hair.

Book Icon.png StoryEdit

As mayor of Watersong, Rose has the Power of Song - the voice that runs through the line of mayors which was perfected through every generation. For a long time, she amazed the citizens with her beautiful song. However, this changed right before the color vanished. Wilfre, disguised as Salem, tricked Rose into a singing competition. Salem decided to make the contest "interesting" and used a Promise Conch so that the loser would lose their voice forever. Rose accepted the challenge, due to her pride and vanity, but ended up losing. It was later revealed that Salem had cheated and hid the Promise Conch deep in The Abyss, all in order to destroy the village.

After Rose lost her voice, she became weak, as the Power of Song supplied power to the people and town of Watersong. After meeting Mari and restoring her voice, Rose decided that she was no longer worthy to be mayor. Through singing Light of My Life, she tried to transfer her voice and title of mayor to Miles, her son, even though this transfer would kill her. The Creator managed to prevent the Power of Song from going to Miles, and told her she is still needed.

Suddenly, Salem attacks her and Miles with his Ameba, but is stopped when the Hero jumps into the fray. The Hero, Mari, and Jowee, who were planning on stopping Rose from transferring her voice, make it in time to learn that Salem was Wilfre, and that Baki Beard was attacking Watersong. Rose urges the group to help evacuate the villagers and stop the pirate, and after his defeat, Rose thanks the group, welcoming them to Watersong at any time.

After Mari goes missing, Jowee returns to Watersong to ask Rose if she had seen Mari, which she had not. Sometime later, after Mari had been found in Wilfre's Wasteland, Rose joins with some of the Watersong villagers as Mari prays.

Quote Icon.png QuotesEdit

Thank you... this village and I are forever in your debt.


Miles, please go outside with your new friends. I must speak with Mari alone.


My foolishness almost cost the village its very existence.


I'm not worthy to be mayor of Watersong.


Even though the power of song has returned to me, the guilt I feel is too much to bear.


I just love spending time with nature. You can hear the music everywhere. In the wind, the water, and the sky
floating by.


Rose's default quote once Watersong's story ends.


  • She is one of four characters to sing in the series. The others being Mari, Jowee and Heather.
  • She is also one of a few characters to have a canon voice, being voiced by Hayley Chipman.
  • Rose is absent from Drawn to Life: Two Realms, and it is unknown whether she is still alive during the events of the game.

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