Exit Gate

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Exit Gate
Use Allows The Hero to exit a level.
Village Object No
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Location Most levels
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“â€ĶI'll meet you at the exit gate!”


Exit Gates are the end-of-level doors that appear at the end of almost every level in Drawn to Life, except boss Levels and the Snow Fields. Gates, for all levels, can only be opened to exit the level if all four pieces of the level's Template have been found and all of the Raposa in the level have been rescued.

NoteIcon.png Tips[edit]

  • There are often picket signs or other markers that indicate that The Hero is approaching an Exit Gate. These are useful as they allow the player a chance to go back and look for any skipped Secrets or items before the level is ended.
    • Exceptions to this include levels such as Gearworks.

Question.png Trivia[edit]

  • The four collected Template pieces act similarly to keys that open the Gate. Once The Hero reaches an Exit Gate, the slots on the gate will lock down on all four of the Template pieces, and then the large padlock on the gate will fall. After this, The Hero may walk through the gate, returning to Rapoville.
  • Special picket signs, typically three, denote The Hero's approaching of an Exit Gate.
  • Raposa seem to teleport to the exit gate once rescued.
  • All Exit Gates lead back to the gate The Hero entered the level from.
  • Exit Gates cannot be seen in boss levels.
    • This is becauses there aren't templates to be collected during those levels.

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