Snow Fields

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Snow Fields
Area Snow Gate
Number 0
Level Type Tutorial
Template Snowshooter
Saved Mayor
Secrets None
Coins 168
Game Drawn to Life Link
Last Level

Next Level
Mt. Snowy

We should probably stay behind...
The Snow Fields can be dangerous!


The Snow Fields is the very first level in the Snow Gate and in Drawn to Life. This level is a tutorial level and thus cannot be revisited after completion.

The Hero arrives in the Snow Fields when they are assigned to save the Mayor. Throughout this level, they are introduced to various game mechanics such as using the AButton.png for jumping, defeating enemies, collecting Rapo-Coins, interacting with houses with green doors, breakable blue-and-white jars, Shadow Goo, rescuing Raposa, and level object creation.

After progressing through the short level, learning how to navigate the game, and freeing the Mayor, the player and the rescued Raposa return to Rapoville.

BakiIcon.png Enemies[edit]

CreationIcon.png Creations[edit]


This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

JoweeThumbSmall.png Rescued Raposa[edit]

Who are you?! Oh? ...A Creation Hero? So the Creator is back! I was such a fool for not listening to Mari... We should get back to The Village... It's dangerous here!

TemplateStatic.png Level Map[edit]

Click to reveal map
DEVMAP SnowFeilds.png
A full map of this level, including markers for Raposa, creations, enemies, and more. You can pan this map by clicking and dragging. To view the full image, right click and open it within a new tab.

NoteIcon.png After Dialogue[edit]

*Hero and the Mayor walk out of the Snow Gate.*

Mari: Dad! You made it back... I was so worried…
Mayor: All thanks to Hero... I’m sorry for leaving when I did. I didn’t catch up with Isaac or his wife... I hope they’re OK...

Cindi walks into the Snow Gate.

Mari: Hero, Cindi ran into the Snow Fields! You need to bring her back!
Mayor: Hero, I found something in the Snow Fields that might help you... It’s a Snowshooter page for the Book of Life... The Creator can draw it for you!
Prompt: Draw your Snowshooter!

*The player then draws the Snowshooter.*

Mayor: You can aim using the +Control pad. Hero, you’ll also see torn pages from the Book of Life in the Snow Fields... You’ll need to collect four of them to exit the level gate... Please hurry, Isaac and his family need your help!


  • One extra life can be obtained in this level.
  • There is only one health heart in this level.
  • A total value of 168 Rapo-Coins can be collected in this level. This includes coins obtained from houses and crates, but excludes coins earned from enemy kills and combos.
    • Unlike other levels, it is not possible to obtain a bonus score for this level.
  • This is the only non-boss level in the original Drawn to Life that does not have an Exit Gate.
  • There are no Raposa hidden in the level that the player must find, but The Mayor is saved at the end.
    • There are also no Template pieces to collect, probably due to the level being just a tutorial.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]