Light of My Life

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Light of My Life
Composer David J. Franco
Vocalist(s) Hayley Chipman as Rose
Length 2:23
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

With this final song, I will leave you but ensure the future for you and all of Watersong.


Light of My Life is a song performed in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter during Watersong's story. It is sung from Rose's point of view and is directed to her son Miles, and was intended to be Rose's final performance. It was written by David J. Franco, and performed by Hayley Chipman.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

After losing her voice in a bet with Salem, Rose fell into a depression, feeling the guilt of her vanity. After her voice was restored by the combined efforts of Mari, Jowee, the Hero, and her son Miles, she determined to pass on the Power of Song to Miles, an act which would make him the new mayor and kill her. During the night's festivities, Rose pulled Miles aside and performed Light of My Life, but the transfer was interrupted by the Creator.

Music secret.png Lyrics[1][edit]

My song, let my voice fill this room one more time
Rehearse this line by line until I'm out of time
My son, can you see that our troubles have run high?
This is where we draw the line, this is where we say goodbye

You know what I want?
What I want, believe it or not, I've already got
And I know I've got to go away
But I know it's all going to be okay

'Cause I know we'll never be apart
And all this is, is a brand new start
And you'll wake up, my darling
With the light on your face
And the tears will all dry up
When you see the change
As you grow up, you'll realize

This is your time to shine
You'll be the light of my life
The light of my life
The light of my life


  • This is the first and only vocal track in the Drawn to Life Series to:
    • Be a solo performance.
    • Not incorporate the startup jingle.
    • Not be played during the credits.
  • Light of My Life is the only time we see a character directly sing a vocal track.

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