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In the Drawn to Life series, a Combo is an instance where the Hero strings together a lot of attacks within a short amount of time.

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Drawn to Life[edit]

In Drawn to Life, the combo is signaled by its name coming up on the screen after it has ended. Whilst it is ongoing, the number can be seen each time it is increased by another hit on an enemy and is signaled by a number with a multiplication sign next to it (e.g. ×5). Combos produce a reward: Rapo-Coins. The value of the coins awarded to the player will increase with the number of hits in the combo.

Types of Combos[edit]

Nice Combo: 5+[edit]

Reward: a SilverCoin Small.png for every hit 2+

Great Combo: 10+[edit]

Reward: a GoldCoin Small.png for every hit 10+

Super Combo: 15+[edit]

Reward: a RedCoin Small.png for every hit 15+

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter[edit]

As with its predecessor, In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter the combo is signaled by its name coming up on the screen after it has ended. The number can be seen whilst the combo is still going, with the new number appearing each time another hit on the enemy occurs, just like in the first game. In The Next Chapter, the combos begin at a lower number, and there is one more type present than in the original game. This makes it easier to get combos as well as the rewards that come with them. The combos in this game also produce Color Drops in addition to Rapo-Coins.

Types of Combos[edit]

Nice Combo: 3+[edit]

Reward: 2 SilverCoin Small.png, 2 ColorDrop.gif

Great Combo: 5+[edit]

Reward: 1 GoldCoin Small.png, 6 ColorDrop.gif

Super Combo: 7+[edit]

Reward: 1 BigCoin.png, 2 SilverCoin Small.png, 1 ColorBottle.gif, 2 ColorDrop.gif

Insane Combo: 10+[edit]

Reward: 1 BigCoin.png, 1 GoldCoin Small.png, 2 ColorBottle.gif

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition[edit]

In Drawn to Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition, combos are signaled by a pop-up message in the upper-right hand corner. Unlike previous Drawn to Life series games however, there are no special messages for creating long combos. Each combo is rewarded with an increasing number of coins.