Ghastly Ghostship

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Ghastly Ghostship
WS GhastlyGhostship.png
Area Watersong
Number 8
(10 overall)
Level Type Standard
Template None
Saved Indee (optional)
Secrets Baki beard coin by maybirdfan-d35ceoa.gif
Coins None
Game Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link
Last Level
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Crescendo Cove
Next Level
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The Abyss

Have you been to the ship graveyard? I heard there are ghosts there!


Ghastly Ghostship is the eighth level of Watersong. This level mainly takes place on a giant pirate ship with Ghost Baki.

This level is optional and is not required to beat the game.

BakiIcon.png Enemies

JoweeThumbSmall.pngRescued Raposa Quote

Indee Idle.gif Indee

Scared? Ha! A true adventurer doesn't know the meaning of fear. Of course in a place like this, I wouldn't mind having a nightlight and my mommy.


  • The Hero must restore a broken pirate ship's color in order to access the level.
  • There is a tiling error near the start of this level where a sunken ship and a rock collide.
  • The player is rewarded with 150 Color Drops for completing the level for the first time.
  • If the player enters a room within the level, collects all the Rapo-Coins found there, exits, and then re-enters, the Rapo-Coins will respawn.
    • This makes this level a good place to collect coins.
  • Alphonse at one point refers the ship as the "ship graveyard".

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