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The Council Room




Type Utility
Use Headquarters
Control Room
Location Galactic Jungle
Behind Treetop Turrets
Creation No
Owner Click
Residents None
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

Enemies of the DOT ROT POT USF, your presence is not welcome here!


The Council Room is the meeting area for The Council, the head of the totalitarian puppet-government of Galactic Jungle in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. The Council Room is located in space, in the western portion of the village, behind Treetop Turrets.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]


The entrance to the Council Room is a small corridor with two light columns, both resembling a king chess piece. The floor has a red stripe that leads to a massive sliding door. It is split down the middle with an indention that is colored red. Above the door is a small, yellow light with an angry face etched onto it.

Council Room[edit]

The Council Room itself is a tall, round room almost completely made of marble (with the exception of the red carpet at the entrance). It is solely illuminated by the green tank at the back of the room. There are six concave indentations in the wall which store four large decorative chess pieces. One indentation, covered by a light-green curtain, provides access to the hidden Control Room. At the center of the room, an elevated circular table sits. It is surrounded by six council members sitting on stools.

Control Room[edit]

The Control Room contrasts greatly with the sleek, simple Council Room. The interior here is crowded with many screens which vary in size and style, lights, computers, and other monitoring equipment. The floors and walls here are made of metal and a single, large, rotating seat sits in the center of the room.


  • The Council Room cannot be revisited once left.
  • Supposedly, there is an easier method of getting to the Council Room by use of a space-elevator, but it is put into lockdown shortly after being repaired.
  • Sock states that he finds the dummies in the Council Room creepy, and that he doesn't like the place.
  • The interior of the Council Room has broken collision that can only be interacted with by hacking the game.[1]

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