Developer's Grove

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Developer's Grove
Mayor None
Population 18
Specialization None
Creations None
Number N/A
(Secret Village)
Levels None
Sections 1
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You've unlocked Developers Grove!

–In-Game Congrats! Prompt.

The Developer's Grove, also called The Secret Village, is a location only unlockable by having deposited a total of 10,000 Rapo-Coins into the Wishing Well in Drawn to Life. In the Secret Village, some characters created by the game directors and developers are seen. When the characters are talked to, they will say some information or comments about the game. When this village is unlocked, the Hero will not be able to drop coins in the well ever again.

Most developers will talk about the creation or their part, and some give their opinion of the game. Some things said are inspirational, while others are just random blurbs.

Jeremiah Slaczka, one of the developers, asks the player if they have found the hidden flower in Shadow Lair to save the Mayor. This flower does not exist and is stated by Joseph Tringali, another developer, that the player should not pay attention to Jeremiah's quote. James Youngman later confirmed in a Tweet that Jeremiah inserted the quote as a prank to mislead the player.[1] However, In Two Realms the player is told to draw a flower next to the Mayor's statue. It is unknown however if this is an easter egg by 505 games refrencing the rumor from the first game.

Quote Icon.png Developer's Quotes[edit]

Luke.png Luke Luke.png

Life is but a ripple in time, together we can make waves! Thanks to my beloved wife Mary for all her support while developing this game



Salami, stuff, and things and pie


Marius.png MariusMarius.png

Hey Ninabell, love you like a figlmuller!


Wes.png Wes Wes.png

Just wanted to give thanks to the following: my family, northside riders, sunz of darkness, little bro mud, my peeps in nyc, my girl, and all who inspired me


Chern.png Chern Chern.png



Chuck.pngChuck Chuck.png

Finally, a likeness of me that shows an appropriate proportion of how often I use my head to the rest of my body


Jeremiah.png JeremiahJeremiah.png

Did you find the secret flower in Wilfre's lair to save the Mayor? ...Or is there really one?


David.png David David.png

I dedicate 'The End' song to Molly Hymas! Rock on MJ!


James.pngJames James.png

I'm James, the guy who designed the Coconut Radio. My heart's filled with rock and roll and I wield my beard for justice!


Jeff.pngJeff Jeff.png

Name's Jeff Luke. I designed the levels for this game. No big deal. This one goes out to my biggest fans, Donnie, Brandon, and Jocie. Victoly!


Steve.png Steve Steve.png

Edgar was the guy on the couch. He doesn't get enough credit for that


Joe.png Joe Joe.png

Ignore what Jeremiah says... I hope you enjoyed the story!


Brian.pngBrian Brian.png

Creation is the key to inspiration... and with the universal language of art, one can inspire all. For better or worse, the universe is ours to shape.


Ian.png Ian Ian.png

All that stuff you drew? Yeah, I made that happen.


Zach.png Zach Zach.png

Hey, how'd you like the village? All scripted... yeaaahhh buddy! You ride the Whaleecopter? Dunno how I came up with that... but thanks for playing, check us out again soon!


Sherman.pngSherman Sherman.png

Zen management- be detached to be attached to what is really going on. For there is something in nothing and there is nothing in something. Wu!


Karina.png Karina Karina.png

Raposa are so cute!


Paul.png Paul Paul.png

I was gonna write something, but didn't want to upset the rating board.



  • In Jeff Luke's quote, the word victory is misspelled as "victoly".
    • It is unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • In David J. Franco's quote, he mentions a person named Molly Hymas. Hymas is credited as the voice of Mari - excluding the song The End, who was voiced by Hayley Chipman - along with a few other Raposa sound effects. She and Franco both voiced the Raposa sound bits.
  • Accessing the grove before the Mayor's death could potentially spoil what happens to him.