Sun Burn Bay

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Sun Burn Bay
WW SunBurnBay.png
Area Wilfre's Wasteland
Number 2
(32 overall)
Level Type Standard
Template Watersong Pillar
Watersong Orb
Saved No One
Secrets Baki beard coin by maybirdfan-d35ceoa.gif
Coins None
Game DS logo.png
Last Level
WW DripDropDocks.png
Drip Drop Docks
Next Level
WW UndergroundTown.png
Underground Town

But hope is not lost, Hero. You must gain the power of these 3 villages.


Sun Burn Bay is the second level in Wilfre's Wasteland in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. This level is based on levels found in Watersong, and is the second level in in Wilfre's Wasteland to follow that general theme.

BakiIcon.png Enemies[edit]

TemplateStatic.png Template[edit]

The Template for the Watersong pillar can be found in this level if it is played before Drip Drop Docks. If it is played after, the Watersong orb can be found instead.

Book Icon.pngStory[edit]

The Mayor explains that Wilfre created an almost impenetrable barrier around his castle and that, in order to penetrate it, the Hero must gain the power of the three villages. From each, they must construct a pedestal and obtain an orb. Once this is done, the barrier will be unlocked.


  • Despite being labeled the second level in Wilfre's Wasteland, levels 1-6 can be played in any order.
  • In order to access the level, 300 color drops are needed to restore color to the level's area.
  • 200 color drops are earned when finishing the level for the first time.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]