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Robosa Control Switch



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Use To shut down the Robosa in case of an emergency
Village Object Yes
Retrieved N/A
Location Lavasteam
Games Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Link

Hum... I created The Robosa with a fail-safe. The Robosa Control Switch, located near the Lava Flow Factory.


The Robosa Control Switch, also called the "Robosa Switch" or simply the "Switch", is an object in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter that can shut down the Robosa. However, a key is needed to access the switch. It was used to shut off the Robosa when Miney overloaded them with commands and they went rouge. A key is needed to operate the switch, but said key was lost in the lava, so a second key is created once the mold is found.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

The Switch appears as a large, metal lever with pipes hooking up to the base. There is also a ramp leading up to the switch for Raposa to use.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Key, Moe, Jowee, and the Hero meet up to come up with a plan to stop Miney and bring peace back to Lavasteam. They plan to enter the Clockwork Tower in order to get the key to the Robosa Switch, but Miney discovers their plan and sends them to the dungeons. After they escape, Miney overloads the Robosa with commands, causing them to malfunction and toss him around, leading him to drop the key to the Control Switch into the lava. After running away from the Robosa, Key comes up with a new plan to make a new key if he can gather the materials. The Hero travels into Robosa Foundry to find the mold while the others gather the materials. After the new key is made, The Hero flips the switch, resulting in the Robosa shutting down.


  • The Giant Robosa is the only Robosa to be outside of the switch's control.
  • According to Gertrude, the switch is very difficult to clean.

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