Jungle Car

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Jungle Car



Name Jungle Car
Use Vehicle to traverse Jangala
Creation Type Level Object
Has Preset Yes
Template Needed No
Created In/After Jangala Climb
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Link

Would it be cool to have a Jungle Car? Well, try drawing one!

–Draw Prompt

The Jungle Car is a creation in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) that is drawn in Jangala Climb.

Once drawn, the Jungle Car can be used to explore specific, enclosed sections of Jangala using a boost feature, activated by pressing the A button.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Due to the Jungle Car being a creation object, the appearance of this object is completely dependent on the player.

The preset drawing for this creation is a green, dune buggy-esque object with an engine and exhaust pipes connected to the front of the vehicle. It has two identical, all-terrain tires.

AButton.png Levels[edit]


  • This is one of the few creations in the game that cannot be fully seen at once on the Drawing Menu.

PaintingIcon.png Media[edit]