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Queen and King





Queen rocket.gif













Species N/A
Variant None

Phase 1
15 regular shots
(or 3 bombs/charged shots)
Phase 2
10 regular shots (or 2 bombs/charged shots) per engine. (There are 3 engines)
75 regular shots
(or 15 bombs/charged shots)
120 regular shots total.
(or 24 bombs/charged shots total)
Attacks ?
Battle Phases 3
Location Galactic Jungle
Treetop Turrets
Level Number 9
(30 overall)
Boss Number 3
Saved None
Games DS logo.png
Previous Boss
Giant Robosa
Next Boss
Previous Level
GJ TechnoSpires.png
Techno Spires
Next Level
WW DripDropDocks.png
Drip Drop Docks

C'mon Hero, let's get back to the spaceship and take it down.


The Queen and King are the twin bosses of the Galactic Jungle in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Coinciding with the theme of Galactic Jungle, the Queen and King both resemble their respective pieces in chess.



The Queen is a grey rocket-like structure with red highlights and blue flame coming from its jets. It can detach its cone and jets to reveal a large flame that can allow it to move vertically with incredible speed. It can also sprout a laser gun from its side, which it uses to shoot at the Hero during its fight.


The King is a grey tank with a large, glass dome, topped with a yellow cross. Where a cannon would be on a standard tank however, the King has a tandem laser and rocket launcher that is used to attack the Hero. Inside the dome of the King is a Raposa pilot, and the only known pilot is Click.

Attack Axe.png Battle[edit]


The Queen is battled first. The Queen is a giant spaceship flying around the top of Treetop Turrets, the final level in the Galactic Jungle. First, she will send out some Baki ships. After a while, she will start shooting fireballs as well. After dodging those for a while, the actual boss is fought. The first thing that is fought is a device that flies up and down, shooting fireballs at the Hero. The best strategy for this is to shoot it while staying in one place (preferably the top of the screen), then when it shoots a fireball at move out of the way and continue shooting. The other way is to drop bombs on it when it flies down. After it is defeated, the Hero moves through another section of the ship that fires a yellow laser, and onto the last part of the Queen. There are four other lasers that must be avoided while shooting at the engines. After the three engines are destroyed, the Queen is destroyed.


The King is fought next while on the surface of a moon-like planet. Using regular shots from the spaceship takes a long time, so dropping lots of bombs on him while avoiding the missiles is the best strategy. The laser that he shoots instantly kills the Hero if it touches them, but luckily, the laser gives the player plenty of time to move out of the way whilst it is charging.


These machines are used mainly for the defense of the Council's true identity, Click. Any other purpose they have is currently unknown.


  • The various Baki ships that are sent at the player move similarly to the enemies in the arcade game Galaga.
  • During the cutscene it's introduced in, the Queen can be seen flying backwards.
    • This may or may not be intentional.

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