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Species Frog
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Fur Color
Home The Void
Role Boss
Last Known Status Deceaced

Blank Slates.png

If we can use some of [the Shadow] to threaten the devs and screeners, they could send us up [to the Dev Grove].


Dinofrog is a Frog created by GuyThatExists that appears in the short story Blank Slates as one of the secondary antagonistHe was a member of Drakon's army, and killed by Willham during the war in The Void.

TowerIcon.png Appearance[edit]

Dinofrog is a large, purple, yellow-bellied frog with two bull-like horns. He also has a long, extendable tongue.

Book Icon.png Story[edit]

Dinofrog is first seen when he and Drakon arrive in the Drawn to Life Village during the boss meeting. Drakon discusses the Droogles coup in the Developer's Grove and Dinofrog chimes in with the idea to threaten the devs with the Shadow in order to get to the Dev Grove. Drakon likes the idea and leaves with Dinofrog to go to the Discussion Grounds to kidnap the devs and eliminate the Four Guardians.

When they arrive at the Discussion Grounds, they find the Guardians having a discussion with Joe, Franco, and Mildew. Dinofrog distracts the Guardians, drawing them into a battle, while Dinofrog kidnaps the other three beings and begins to fly towards Shadow Mari and the Shadow Hole. As Dinofrog and the Guardians fight, the Grounds are destroyed, and Alana appears next to them. She is questioned by Hose and overhears Paint mention the Droogle Killer, so she leaves to go summon it.

Eventually, Paint stops Willham, Mayo, Rocko, and Crawler, asking them to help fight. Mayo and Crawler refuse, but Willham and Rocko decide to help. Crawler attacks Rocko, saying that the Raposa couldn't put up a fight, and since Dinofrog was technically his boss, it was up to him to help protect Dinofrog. Willham creates a cloud of smoke around the boss, deleting Dinofrog.

Quote Icon.png Quotes[edit]

What about the Shadow? If we can use some of it to threaten the devs and screeners, they could send us up.


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